Mem:O iPad Review

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mem:o - Young Sang Cho

Mem:O for iPad is available at the iTunes app Store for $2 and is a great tool for spicing up data; making it easy to collate, track and store.

If we face facts, the truth is that spreadsheets and data collection is not fun and we would rather be using our iPad to play exciting games at sites like However Mem:O actually provides a bit of flair to functional data and makes tracking and compiling information a little bit more exciting.mzl.xbnuoswi.480x480-75

Mem:O helps you keep track of any type of data, from exercise stats to business related information or budgeting. This app offers you the opportunity to convert your data into graphs and use bold colours, fonts and other graphics to illustrate your progression. The app gives you default labels for hours, money, minutes, kilometres, metres, yards and feet and you can create customised labels as required for personalization.

The app works with boards and initially you will set your data type and choose labels before starting a new board. Once colours and values are added you can enter different points of data that correlate with days, times and other relevant information. The apps editor is as simple as inputting numbers or selecting times and dates on a calendar, and you can also add notes for extra organisation.

Boards can be viewed individually or as one layout and you can zoom in on specific points and stats as needed. The app allows you to convert data to a simplistic and easy format that is easy to navigate and exceptionally user-friendly. You can view boards, calendars, notes and other statistical information at any time simply by tapping on the relevant button and although these options are always open they are never distracting. Mem:O lets you get to the nitty-gritty of numbers without being overly flashy and its equipped to handle sums and perform other calculations that help create effective data capture and collation.

Mem:O may not offer as much functionality as Excel but it’s certainly adequate to keep track of personal and business daily activity. It offers a great bridge between visual representation and functionality and it makes data so much easier to read and fun to play with. Data tracking isn’t exactly most people’s idea of fun, but overall Mem:O makes it  easy and attractive and the app is well worth the $2.


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