Mouse Tales iPad Review

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itunes iconKeeping little minds active is essential when you are a parent. It’s not only for the sake of your sanity, but for the growing mind of your child. Electronic devices have become a part of all types of learning these days, and kids are learning computers younger and younger. Luckily the app selection has catered to these new areas with apps that teach and entertain children of all ages. Mouse Tales – games for kids by Wirenode s.r.o is a game on the iPad that is doing just that.

Mouse Tales is a basic puzzle game that helps kids learn everyday objects and become familiar with where they belong in their environment. Here is the app’s full description:

Mouse Tales is a puzzle-based game for small kids.IMG_0434.PNG

The goal is to teach kids about new objects and what they can do with them and where they belong.

The game has no advertisements inside.

The kids need to clean different rooms, where a mouse lives. They need to move items from wrong places to the right places.

The game has more than 50 different items.

Please check out our other games for small kids as well. Each game has unique graphics and sounds.

Upon opening the app pleasant music played with a big tree house displayed on the main page. Mouse has quite the tree house which contains a total of 8 rooms to keep organized. In each room there are items that don’t belong and the narrator will direct what to do. Your child must help Mouse by finding these items and placing them in their correct place. Moving the items is as simple as tapping and dragging, very basic for any young child to easily learn. While the colorful characters and environments keep the games fun, they are also teaching simple house rules for cleaning and organizing.

There are three rooms that can be played, with the other five available with an in-app purchase of $1.99. Though the app is free, there are no ads invading the game so there is no accidental clicking of pop-up links. One thing that did bother me a little was the sound. The music was pleasant but sometimes the narrator was hard to understand. The words sounded garbled in some parts and was a bit robotic. Also, the mice like to shout, “Yippee”, when a task is done correctly. After a while, it can get pretty annoying.

Mouse Tales is a simple game that any child can master. It has a fun premise with delightful graphics and a great learning quality. Mouse Tales – games for kids is available on the App Store for free and compatible with iPad.


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