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PDF Reader Pro - YUYAO Mobile Software, Inc.Well now, this really is a comprehensive app. PDF Reader Pro, for both iPhone and iPad, is a PDF viewer for your iOS device, like many that are available in the App Store, but the truth is that it does so much more, and does it really well.

Of course, the most basic ability of this app is to allow you to view PDF files, and I have to say that it is just about perfect in this regard, as PDF images and text looks brilliantly clear and readable on any device, particularly if you have a Retina screen. The viewer allows you to convert any file, such as Word or Powerpoint files, into a PDF, and to even let you convert Web pages into a PDF, which is incredibly handy.

You can print wirelessly via Air Print using the viewer, or even take a look at the image on the big screen using Air Play, and the app even supports VGA out on the iPad. The reader can create bookmarks, a private folder and even does text reflow.

Sounds like a pretty decent PDF reader? Well it just gets better, with more and more features that actually help to bring it more into line with what desktop PDF applications can do.

My favourite feature is the ability to complete PDF documents within the app. You can add text, highlight text and even sign forms, all from withing the app, so no more printing a PDF file, filing it in by hand, rescanning it then saving as a new PDF, as this app allows you to do it all in just a couple of taps and slides.

A great feature is that the app lets you highlight text in a PDF file and search the Internet based on those terms. It is a combination of these things that stop you from thinking of PDF files as these unchangeable, untouchable walls that can only ever be viewed on a mobile device, into files that behave (almost) like many other file-types, and succeeds in opening up PDF files on iOS. It really is a must have app for anyone who even just uses PDF files occasionally, let alone someone who uses them on a daily basis.

It is even worth it just to make printing off those holiday vouchers a damn sight easier.

You can get your files from a variety of sources. The app has iCload support built in, and you can also grab files from Emails, and there is an impressive array of other cloud storage solutions that are supported. GoogleDocs, Dropbox, SugarSync, iDisk, and Box.net can all be logged into from within then app, then have the contents of your account there pulled down and messed around with.

Files can also be shared over WiFi, backed up via USB, I could go on, but suffice to say that just about everything you could possibly want a PDF reader to do, this app does.

Overall, this is a great tool, and should be considered as essential by anyone who uses their iPad or iPhone for anything related to productivity. With a lovely interface and a marvelous feature set, PDF Reader Pro is excellent.

PDF Reader Pro - YUYAO Mobile Software, Inc.


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