Slice HD iPad Review

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Slice HD - SmallBallIt isn’t often that an app can make you jump out of your skin, but Slice HD is one such app. A fear inducing, edge of your seat finger twister, this horror puzzle game is strictly for those without a faint heart.

The premise is simple. All you have to do is to move some blades until a red button is opened, press the button and the level is complete. Well it seems that simple on the first couple of levels, anyway as things soon become very tricky indeed. The thing is, if you touch the sharp edges of the blades at all, there is a splatter of blood and you have to restart. believe me, when you are carefully prising the blades and knives with your fingers and one suddenly shoots out of nowhere and slices you, it is enough to make your hand jump back.

There can be a lot of blades that need moving, and you will be using all your fingers and thumbs to solve some of these puzzles. When you add in multiple buttons to be pressed, things get even more stressful. A hint here is, if there are several buttons, try to do them one at a time, if you can.

The game makes excellent use of the multi-touch aspects of iOS, and is right at home on the iPad’s big screen. There are plenty of traps that will catch you out. On one stage, there are several knives, all pointing at different buttons. You gingerly move each of them back to unlock the red button. It is difficult because of their placement, and the further you move them back, the further apart your fingers become, until at last the eye of the button opens, and then bang, a giant meat cleaver falls down the screen, slicing your fingers off. Well, that is at least how it feels.

There does appear to be a small bug where blades underneath the one you are touching can kill you, although this did only happen to me on one stage (35) it was annoying when it did occur.

The game has a clear ‘Saw’ influence running through it, and it does feel as if you are going through some insane gauntlet. Some of the puzzles are actually quite clever, as many of the blades will react differently depending on how you move them, and it all adds to the suspense.

The graphics are super sharp and clear, with the blades having a real edge to them. The blood effects are nice, and on the whole, presentation is professional. The only sounds are the movements of the chopping machinery and the harrowing scream when you get caught.

There is a nice level selector so you are never stuck one puzzle for too long, and the game has high scores that are viewed though a Website. I wish there were more levels available, but as the developer has already added to the game with free updates, I don’t doubt that more are on the way.

Overall, this is a really good puzzle game. It may be limited in its scope, but what it does do, it does with knife-like precision. Finely tuned, and downright nerve-wracking, Slice HD is a horror themed puzzle game that will cut its way onto your home screen like no other.


Slice HD - SmallBall


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