The House That Went On Strike iPad Review

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Interactive storybooks are becoming increasingly common on the iPhone and iPad App Store, coinciding with the gathering prominence of the large screened iPad in the tablet market, a space that it absolutely dominates. The release of the Retina-enabled ‘New iPad’ has allowed these apps to be displayed with stunningly vivid imagery that competes with real life books for that wow factor.

Of course, owing to the fact that these new books are digital, allows their developers to really add some interesting and fun interactive elements to them. There are now quite a few of these books on the iOS App Store, and I am happy to report that The House That Went On Strike is one of the best that money can buy on the iPad.

The book tells the tale of a disgruntled house and all of its appliances that get fed up with their treatment by the people living there and decide to go on strike. It is an intriguing premise for a children’s tale, and it is an idea that is thankfully well told with a lot of funny twists and turns that kids are going to love, and I am sure parents will enjoy the story as well.

The artwork is of an exceptionally high standard, with whimsical humans characters mixing well with the resent filled appliances and house, and the use of colour throughout is well thought out and makes the illustrations come to life.

The whole story is rhyming, which just makes it all the better, and really helps to make the story come to life, even more than the interactive elements.

Here, in the words of the developers, are the app’s main features:

This clever, rhyming, musical and interactive original story teaches kids of all ages, and their parents, respect for the house. Legendary House “mom”, former Congresswoman and presidential candidate Pat Schroeder narrates, leading a modern day movement of a house and its appliances going on strike against its errant family to win respect!

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The interactive parts of the story are really well done, and point to a high level of care taken by the developer. Every page has hidden surprises on it, and I would say(seeing from my three year old son’s reaction) that 90% of the interactive stuff went over well.

The app is enhanced by the YogiPlay network, which adds a few extra bit and pieces, and is a nice touch.

Overall, this is a superb interactive book app, perhaps the best on iPad and is one that comes with the highest of recommendations.

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