Top iPad Games 2012: A List of Great Games

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The extreme variety of games available on the iPad App Store is just one of the excuses for following the progress of the tablet. The scope and innovation of the new apps have no geographical boundaries (almost every country has their own representation of iPad or iPhone compatible games). Many games in this list have just been launched in the store. Apart from these choices, there are also games that have reinvented themselves after quite a long stint in the market (and after having made a niche for themselves as public favorites). Here is the list of the top games (carefully chosen from the current vast list on the App Store) for iPhone and iPad users.

Sonic and Sega All stars Racing
Racing games are extremely popular (with almost all age brackets of target audiences). Currently, this particular game- Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing is one of the hot favorites in this category. You get to pick from a choice of 10 different characters (Sega) for the racing drive. Strangely (although accepted as super cool and popular), a banana is also one of the options for the racing. The game includes 25 missions, 3 grand prix races, a duel battle, and numerous traps, power up options and offensives such as the Super Sonic.
Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing - SEGA

Ghost trick Phantom detective
Creativity is an important factor for the growing popularity of these games. Ghost Trick definitely trumps the category of a fresh and very creative game (compatible with both iPad and iPhone). The plot of the game starts out with your character being a ghost who uses spirit (and poltergeist) powers to stop crimes and murders in the game. Objective of the game is to cue in on the correct object to haunt and trick, resulting in some great puzzles. Check out our review.
GHOST TRICK: Phantom Detective - CAPCOM

This is a very simple (and yet highly addictive) color matching game. The objective of the game is to start at the top left corner and consistently match all the various color shades on the board. To do this you have to click on your choice of color shade’s ball from the selection present alongside of the board. The game is a free app, which although has been out a while and has spawned a sequel, is still very much essential.
Flood-It! - LabPixies

The Tiny Bang Story HD
Puzzles are another hot favorite for iPad and iPhone users. It eases the passing of time and yet entrances gamers in to perusing the backdrop of the HD game. The Tiny Bang Story is a creative and descriptive puzzle and hidden objects game. The objective for the gamer is to find the jigsaw pieces of the puzzles, hidden gears, spinning tops and many other fascinating bits. You also have to deal with mini tricks, and pattern memorization plays (from mild to very difficult levels). The final step is to use all the found objects and puzzles to deal with the characters of the game.
The Tiny Bang Story HD - Colibri Games

Elf Defense
Defense and strategy games will always find a place in a gamers haven. The App store has the elf Defense as one of the most popular games in this category. The objective of the game is to build a protective turret defense in the face of the marching enemy line (single file). You also have choices of units and weapons to deploy and attack your enemies to hinder their progress while you strengthen up your defenses. The game is colorful and works on a boxy pattern that makes it an ideal choice for a quick game while waiting for your next commute.
Elf Defense Eng - Jellyoasis Inc.

Pizza vs. Skeletons
Odd fantasy games challenge the minds and when it comes to this particular game, you will be super excited to play and maneuver your iPhone through all the moves for the game. The plot includes a giant pizza (pin wheeling) as an army of skeletons attack the dough. There is a choice of toppings and hats to choose from and the game uses different moves (and you have to continuously tilt your iPhone or iPad) to get through the levels.
Pizza Vs. Skeletons - Riverman Media LLC

Ragdoll Blaster 3 HD
A puzzle solving game which involves shooting the characters at targets and stacks of explosives. The game is based on creating the right domino effect and timing. The ragdolls have been given a subtle makeover for the new launch (Ragdoll Blaster 3). The dolls now have a grinning face and goggle eyes to match the fun element of the game. The physics are as impressive as ever, and combine well with the comedy elements.
Ragdoll Blaster 3 HD - Backflip Studios

League of Evil 2
This is another of those games that have reinvented themselves with the second versions launch. It has a more modern approach to the (some believe more difficult) earlier version of the game. The game includes difficult platforming action and requires stringent concentration to get through some of the swinging blades, the target level jumps, and at times, evil scientists to punch (in the new version they explode). The new version has pixel art as compared to the (bits) of the earlier game..check out our review.
League of Evil 2 - Ravenous Games

The list of fantastic games (available at the app store for your iPad and iPhone) is no way near complete. However, the above-mentioned games are definitely the cream of the collection. Although, it is true that the most efficient way to judge the games is to start playing them. You will definitely be busy for a while trying out each one of the all-consuming options, and keep an eye on our site to be up to date with the latest reviews. Remember, we are always first with reviews of the weeks big iPhone and iPad releases!

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