Toyzilla iPad Review

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Toyzilla for iPad is initially a very confusing beast. Once you do get past that first puzzling barrier, Toyzilla turns into a very decent mix of genres that works well, and is enjoyable for what it is.

A better explanation of the game and its mechanics is really needed, as I can see younger or more inexperienced players becoming overwhelmed with everything.

The game is actually a mix between a Pokemon style creature collectathon, a tower defence style game and an action style attack game. Surprisingly, this heady mix works well, with the different sections complementing each other nicely, and the Japanese style bright graphics and punchy soundtrack holding things together decently.

Here, in the words of the developer, are the app’s main features:
These destructive little monsters are at your command! Cute… but Deadly. Collect them all to conquer different structures!

So get ready, raise your finger and prepare for battle!

Find out if you have the chops to be a game level designer… Or simply bask in the chaos and destruction of another player’s creation!

There are 2 parts to the game.

Part 1- BUILD
1) Build fortress puzzles
2) Strategise traps and defenses to protect your Royal Family
3) Upload your work and have friends and random players challenge it!

Part 2- CRUSH!
1) Switch around and command destructive Toyzilla troops to bring down another player’s fortress!
2) Aim for total destruction to win BIG!

Each of our Toyzilla is equipped with unique destructive skills. Diving headbutts, missile launchers, gigantic drill guns… You name it, we have it (if you don’t see it, you probably will in the coming updates!).

Unique destructive skills must have stunning effects and animation right?

Try your luck at the Gachapon machine to complete your Toyzilla Collection! A cheaper alternative to buying one straight from the shop!

Your game, your choice- Play with friends or random players! Challenge and be challenged!

Nothing beats the dynamism of human minds!

There are plenty of modes here to get your teeth into, as well as a lot of the Toyzillas to find. The building/tower defence section of the game is pretty good, and the trap creating element is nicely done. I prefer the attacking sections, but both are worth your time.

There is an online battling mode, which is a hugely welcome addition, the characters are all well designed and there are some clever bosses to fight. I had problems getting the game to run on and iPad with iOS 6, but it worked fine on one that was running iOS 5.1.1. I’m sure this is just a temporary problem that will be solved with a future update.

That aside, there is a lot to love here, with plenty of content to explore, online battles to fight and cut toys to collect, so this one comes recommended.



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