WorldCard HD iPad Review

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WorldCard HD - the Intelligent Business Card Manager - Penpower Technology Ltd.In the business world networking is where it’s at, but collecting all those names and numbers is useless if you don’t have a way to organize the information. WorldCard HD – The Intelligent Business Card Manager aims to make handling your contacts an easy feat.

This handy iPad app takes the hassle out of keeping up with all your contact information by letting you scan the business cards you collect with your iPad’s camera. This “Customer Relationship Manager” as they call it, is powered with an advanced version of OCR (Optical
Character Recognition) technology. Take a picture of the business card with your iPad camera and it will not only save the picture but scan the information and create a contact listing for you. No manual data entry required.

WorldCard HD not only scans the information but allows you to sort your contacts into groups with a built-in search engine to make finding any individual a breeze. It also has the ability to scan cards in batches for high volume entries. Need to share contact information or back it up? There’s iCloud and DropBox integration along with PC by iTunes File Sharing.

I tried WorldCard HD with several business cards. Like any other complaint about the iPad, taking pictures is a bit bulky, but worked none the less. Make sure you have optimum lighting though to get the best scan. The app let me edit the image, straightening up the corners and using the image optimization enhanced any dark lighting. The OCR recognized most characters, though some cards worked better than others. One particular card I used had a black background and some fancy effects on the lettering, causing the app some trouble with determining the words. Any errors were easily edited, but take note, the simpler the layout, the easier the scanning. The app description also advises, “The resolution of the image taken by iPad 2 camera might not be good enough for recognition.” So be aware of issues there.

The interface is easy enough to navigate and very intuitive to use. Once contacts are in and organized there are options along the top of each record for easy connecting in whatever way you wish. Connect to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email or even FaceTime them all from the app. It’s definitely an all in one contact managing system. Keep your favorites separated for quick access and even get directions to their home or office location with built-in Google Maps.

Penpower Technology Ltd. has included just about anything any business person on the go could want from a business card scanning application in WorldCard HD. The price is a little steep, at $14.99, but if you have a new iPad and this is something you would use regularly, it may be worth the money.

WorldCard HD - the Intelligent Business Card Manager - Penpower Technology Ltd.


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