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WriteUp - Notes with Dropbox - Prasanna Gopalakrishnan The iPad is quite an instrument for entertainment, but since I purchased one, I seem to be on the look out for more apps to up my productivity. How can I make this tablet my laptop replacement? Well a new discovery in the app store has gotten me just a little closer to my goal.

WriteUp – Notes with Dropbox is not your ordinary digital notepad. Perfect for the average blog poster and article writer the tools included bring multitasking literally to your fingertips. Posts can be written in rich text using Markdown and then previewed. Notes can be organized into folders and of course synced with your Dropbox account for easy saving and access.

My favorite part of the app is the built-in browser. I can easily do research on the internet on one side of the page while I write on the other. The auto save feature is also great as I don’t have to worry about having to press a save button after every edit. No waiting for it to upload either like the WordPress app. The offline support enables you to continue to make changes to your files and upload them next time you are connected.

Aside from syncing your documents to Dropbox, you can also email them out right from the list view. You can do this with the text or HTML formats. Push posts to Twitter or Tumblr if you like and mark those that you are currently working on as favorite or pin to the top to keep organized during multiple posts. The built in word counter keeps you informed on how long your words are getting, including info on how long it would take to read.

The design is simple and clean, but with a customizable feel with five pleasant themes to choose from. Font style and size choices give you a full word processing feel that few other note apps give you. The full screen option gives you the luxury of utilizing the entire iPad screen, leaving no wasted space and one of the ultimate perks of owning the iPad.

WriteUp does require a Dropbox account, but you can create one in the app for free. It works universally with iPhone and iPad and is now 40% off for a limited time at $2.99. Totally worth it in my opinion. Write the days away and keep them organized with the ultimate iPad notepad WriteUp – Notes with Dropbox.



WriteUp - Notes with Dropbox - Prasanna Gopalakrishnan



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