100 Floors iPhone Review

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I’m confused. A puzzle game called 100 Floors only contains 30 floors. There is no explanation for this odd choice of name, with the app description instead explaining how to complete the first few levels of the game. Weird.

In the app, you’re tasked with getting an elevator up a building, using a different method to get into the elevator on every floor (why you can’t just get the elevator directly to the top of the building without stopping on every floor is left unexplained). You have to follow any visual hints on the screen to work out how to open the

elevator doors on each floor. It starts off easy – on the first floor, you press the big green button that opens the elevator doors – but some levels are much harder. Later in the game, a bomb displaying a countdown timer is somehow supposed to suggest to you that you should lie your iPhone flat for 5 seconds in order to open the doors. It makes very little sense.

Most of the time, I progressed through levels using pure guesswork. Sometimes I actually deduced the answer to the puzzle, and sometimes I just searched for the solution on YouTube. I never really felt satisfied if I did complete a level, though. The visual hints are just too random, and the best are far too obvious. Nevertheless, there is a nice range of solutions, with some requiring that you move your iPhone around in some way and some being purely on-screen affairs. It’s just a shame that the hints for them are so odd.

Similarly aggravating is the lack of a difficulty curve in the game. Easy levels are interspersed amongst nonsensical ones. You’ll think you’re on a roll and suddenly come unstuck. There’s little incentive to actively attempt to solve the levels rather than just quickly checking the answers on the Internet, because the chances are that if the solution’s not obvious it’s got nothing to do with the on-screen clues.

To top it all off, the game’s really short – so if you are enjoying it, it won’t be for long.

100 Floors is odd. Its premise is sound, but its execution leaves a lot to be desired – even the name doesn’t make any sense. If you’re incredibly bored and fancy a few minutes of distraction, you might want to download this title. Otherwise, don’t bother.

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