123 Kids Fun Games iPhone Review

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123 Kids Fun Games for both iPhone and iPad, is a collection of mini games aimed at kids that tries to educate as much as it entertains. However, with so much competition on the App Store, can this app stand out amongst the current, sizable crowd?

Well, kids games like this stand or fall on the quality of their games and activities. Make them too complicated and kids will show no interest, but make them too simple and you get the same result. Games like this need to be pretty spot on, as kids are ruthless when they find something they don’t  like.

Luckily, I think the designers of 123 Kids Fun Games have got this aspect pretty much spot on. there are 12 games to play, and I would say that the majority of them hit the mark.

Here, straight from the developer, are all the features of the app and the lowdown on some of the games:
Alphabet – LEARN & PLAY!

* Learn the alphabet – 26 different letters with a sound, pronunciation and an interactive activity for each of them.
* Play Educational Games with the letters (2 games to choose).

Numbers – LEARN & PLAY!

NEW graphic design!

* Learn how to count numbers with a sound, pronunciation, and funny animations.
* Play Educational Games with the numbers.

Sounds and Words – LEARN & PLAY!

* Learn pictures, sounds, animations of popular words that every child should know.
* Play Educational Game with the sounds and words (2 options to play).

Shapes – LEARN & PLAY

* Learn shapes
* Play shape game!

Animals – LEARN & PLAY!

* Play a simple game (put the picture of an animal in order and listen to its voice).
* Learn how to write animals names.

Music – PLAY!

* Try our drums and piano and xylophone!

Hit Balloons – PLAY!

* Play a simple game where you have to hit all the balloons.

In addition, you will find the photo section. It allows one to take a photo of Daddy, Mommy and your Child (Children) to create a simple album of the application’s “owners” 🙂

The games are all nicely presented and colourful, and I could find no technical problems whatsoever. The app is a paid app, but you can rest easy knowing that there are no in-app purchases whatsoever, so you get the whole package for one price. The fact that this is a universal app is a massive plus for me, and the addition of Gamecenter integration is most welcome.

Overall, this is a good kids app. The games are decent, although one criticism is that they are all games we have seen before; there is nothing really new here, although it is all wrapped up in a nice package.

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