Air Break iPhone Review

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itunes iconIn the tradition of jumper game apps in the App Store comes a different approach from Trafalgar Soft Company Limited called Air Break : A Jumping Games which will Excite Jumper to Dodge Barriers and Fly Higher. Here is a highlight of features from the apps description:

Air Break is a free, unique action jump game that has been designed to keep players hooked for long. Designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, this Air Break image 1jumper mobile game targets a large audience and comes with easy to follow instructions and engaging graphics.

Air break comes with integrated support for Facebook, Twitter and you can invite your friends and get them involved in the best action games.

— Easy controls 
This game doesn’t require a great deal of instructions to play with. When you download the game, there is an option of viewing the tutorial. The tutorial is very brief and short and shall not entail huge time. The game mainly involves a few basic instructions as you can jump up, swipe right and left to dodge the barriers and fly higher.
— Amazing graphics 
The graphics of Air Break makes it one of the top jump games. The finest designers thoroughly inspected all key details before inculpating them for offering you the best results. The graphics are lively and the barriers are so designed that the movement looks real. The color schemes are extremely vibrant and bright and bring out the best in the game and keep the players hooked. — Punk steam theme
The game is based on punk steam theme and the graphic designs have been illustrated keeping this theme in mind. You will find different spaceships and other sci-fi objects as barriers and this is sure to excite jumpers even more.
— Great game play
The developers of Air Break spent a lot of time in coming up with the right game play concept. The main idea behind this game is to allow the players to become the best jumper. Your character needs to jump high in the air by tapping on the screen. Once you are in air, you can swipe right or left by flicking your fingers and then your aim is to dodge the different barriers and obstacles so that you can survive. The moment any obstacle hits you, you will die and the game will end.

Those who love playing action games should make it a point to download this free jumping game and enjoy their time. There is no violence in the game and hence it is suited to audience spanning all age groups. The game is addicting as you will be inspired to improve your own score.

Air Break begins with a tutorial.  The directions state to touch to jump higher and swipe to move left or right. Evade all obstacles and go as high as possible without falling to get the best score. Sounds pretty simple so far. Select your character to start. There is one male and one female character. However, you must pay $.99 to purchase the female character, so the male is selected by default and is the only one you can use without paying. Hit the play button and start tapping.

By the description I was expecting something like Doodle Jump but it is much different as there aren’t platforms to land on. Your character just starts clicking his heels and going higher and higher continuously as blimps, planes and even tornadoes go whizzing by. Everything flies by at a different pace so it is easy to get hit if you aren’t careful. I tried dodging the obstacles by swiping but found I could only go so far to the left or right before being stopped, even though the scenery looked like you could keep going. When I did get high enough I was stopped by floating platforms with strategically placed gaps I had to aim for to continue. Much like the appeal of Flappy Bird, though I didn’t travel far and failed many times, I kept playing over and over again determined to get farther and master the game.

Air Break: A Jumping Games which will Excite Jumper to Dodge Barriers and Fly Higher is a fast paced, challenging vertical jumper with interesting graphics and gameplay. Though it wasn’t what I was expecting, it was enjoyable to play and very addicting. The app is available now in the App Store for free but does contains ads. It is universal for iPhone and iPad.


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