HypnoTrip Game iPhone Review

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itunes iconWant to play a game? Looking for something challenging with mind-bending colors? How about swirling patterns? Then check out HypnoTrip Game by Stefano Lanfranco created by SesyProjects.

Here is the app’s full description:

———WARNING: This game use special lights and images that can cause epileptic condition in users with this condition. ———HypnoTrip image 2

Try to beat your friends time without turning crazy! Try the new “Training” section where you can train yourself until the 20° level and get 3 Slow-Motion that you can use for overtake your friends’ time! Are you ready for the best mind-blowing game in the world? Can you reach 3:00 minutes? How much can you survive in the HardCore Mode? Download Now!

What’s New in Version 2.4

-New pause button!
-New HardCore Mode at 3:00!

Opening the HypnoTrip Game app brings you to a menu page and gives you the option to play in Training mode or go for The Challenge. Training doesn’t give much instruction except to tell you that you must not fail and defeat all of the enemies. One missed and it is game over. The training is divided into levels. Make it to level 20 and you are promised a reward. The game board is a twirling psychedelic pattern that varies in speed and direction. Your job is to stop the “enemies” from reaching the center of the board which is a small circle with a hypnotic swirled pattern on it. The “enemies” are floating patterned circles that come in at different speeds in all directions, and if they touch the hypnotic middle circle you will get an “X”. Three of these and the game is over. Your job; to tap the floating enemy circles before they reach the center. The training area has very short levels to live through, sending only a few enemies at a time before the level is over. If you feel you have mastered these, move on to The Challenge where you will be thrown enemies for as long as you can stand. If you get in real trouble you can use a SloMo which will slow the enemies down for a short amount of time for you to get caught up. Play over and over to increase your score.

HypnoTrip is simple enough to figure out and get the hang of even without a step by step tutorial. The mesmerizing patterns are distracting and make the task a bit difficult. For me it mostly just gave me a headache. I also experienced the game end or add strikes to my game when the enemies didn’t quite reach my center circle. This was also a bit frustrating when I was trying to beat my last score. The difficulty does increase as you go along and you are sometimes rewarded with extra life, but after a bit it does get redundant. The app is free but ad supported and you can earn SlowMos by watching ad videos, though it does limit one every 4 hours. In-app purchases will remove all ads and add 5 SloMo. The app has also added a login to Facebook to share your high score and the main page will update with your best record, as well as how many SloMo you have.

Overall, HypnoTrip Game is interesting and fun for a bit but can get a little repetitive and frustrating. I’d also like to reemphasize their warning to those with health conditions as the images can cause issues, especially with an epileptic condition. HypnoTrip Game is available in the App Store now for free and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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