3 Apps That Are Perfect For Monday Mornings

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There’s no question that Monday morning’s are haaard – you’ve just come off the back of a raucous Friday, adventurous Saturday and relaxing Sunday, life couldn’t be sweeter and yet work is just around the corner… Work. Whoever invented it was obviously a very charming sadist, but it’s what we’re lumped with, so, if we wanna eat, we’re gonna have to put in the hours. Doable on most days, but Monday?

It usually takes a little something special to pull you out of your post-weekend blues. Luckily, the world we live in today, technology is there to help us with virtually every task that’s required, including pulling us out of bed in the mornings and trying to imbue our minds with some semblance of a sunny disposition. Here’s a top three list to make your morning ritual that little bit easier.


This app’s brilliance is in its cruelty. If you’re like so many of us that go straight for the snooze button (one, two… seven times) before rising then this app might just be
the wake up call that you needed. If you’ve been out all night at the pub, having a cheeky flutter until the wee hours or staying up until way-too-late watching ridiculous cat videos on YouTube (just us?) then you’ll need all the help you can get to face the first day of the working week. All you need to do is take a few photos from around your home (the kitchen sink, the bathroom etc.) and Alarmy will continue to ring bells until you take the same photo again. If you manage to crawl back to bed and hit the snooze button after that episode then maybe you really do need a lie in.

Morning Yoga (Pro)

So, you’ve scraped yourself out of bed and taken a photo of your toothbrush, but you probably still feel a little groggy. This is where Morning Yoga (Pro) comes in with an easy 15-minute routine to energize your body and galvanise your mind. The routine starts off with a calming Mantra Meditation, before moving onto Sun Salutations and ending with some mild stretches. Accompanying this get up and groove, is a soft soundtrack to guide you through the poses.

Morning Routine – Alarm Clock

So, you’re out of bed, well-stretched and raring to go… but it’s still morning and you’re only human – things can be forgotten. Morning Routine – Alarm Clock is your next round of alarms which had been designed specifically for the time-management impaired. After turning off your morning alarm, the countdown begins and all the items you’ve added to your personal checklist (make coffee, eat breakfast, shower, walk the dog etc.) start ticking individual timers until you check them off.


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