3 tips for iPhone users: how its camera can change your life with video and photography

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Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max has one of the advanced camera features found on a phone. Apple’s leading phones have always had extraordinary camera skills to capture inspiring shots and filming breathtaking views; however, the latest version of iPhone 12 and 12 pro goes beyond further. The iPhone is an exceptional device for shooting videos and capturing snapshots with vibrant colors and exciting slow-motion.

The 12 pro max, the latest version, can shoot spectacular 4K footage to make every moment memorable. The video resolutions of the iPhone cameras can extend from HD to 4K. 1080p HD video camera precisely designed for a professional quality video compromising advanced high-resolution technology.

Its better camera sensors and advanced features refer that this phone is proficient in capturing striking pictures and stunning videos. There are also Some iPhone hidden camera features that you might not even know they are. After realizing these features, you can provide an edge to your photography skills.

But having an exceptional camera isn’t an assurance of outstanding pictures – you should have recognized the tips and tricks to use that features to click your desirable shots.

1. Grip your camera features:

The advanced imaging competence of the latest smartphone cameras is astounding. iPhone has some great camera features that allow you to take pictures like a professional.

Turn on the grid:

It is a great tool that helps to improve your photo composition. It makes sure you get horizons level before you click the shots.

Set focus and exposure for high-quality images:

Setting a sharp focus on a subject is essential. If the object seems blurred, your image will appear like an unprofessional snapshot.

Exposure is all about the brightness of your photo. If the image is under-exposed (too dim) or over-exposed (too sunny) it would not look appealing.

Burst mode for action shots: 

It is one of the noteworthy iPhone camera features you can practice when clicking moving objects. It helps to capture the picture-perfect action shot to get at least one best picture in the series.

 Portrait mode: 

Portrait Mode is a great feature to add depth to iPhone photographyPortrait mode is now available in the latest iPhone models to create a shallow depth of field effect. By making background blur, you can take your pictures clearer and professionally like a DSLR.

Slow-motion and time-lapse:

you can click some amazing shots with the iPhone’s incorporated slow-mo. but ensure the object should be moving, for better results. Time-lapses are a great way to display a bustling work background or event.

 iPhone owners can check out Live Photos, which mix still images and video together.

2. Focus on your editing:

iPhone is capable of editing pictures to make them extraordinary. It is a potent device capable of making basic photo adjustments just as a computer editing. If you want to make some attention-grabbing pictures, editing should be the preferable option for your workflow. Good picture editing can be the leading step to converting an ordinary image into applaudable art. 

You can adjust light and colors in an image and add or remove filters to make them striking, plus you can get inventive and take your pictures to the next level. There is also an option of trimming a video to get what you want and remove the undesirable part.

iPhone has some great editing apps and image editing software for getting the best from your shots with a wide range of film effects that offer some striking color toning to your pictures.

If you want to get a while bolder and artistic, you should consider some high-rating apps like Adobe Photoshop light room and PicsArt, which offer various filters and effects for editing snaps to turn them into modern art. 

3. Organizing your pictures:

It is beyond doubt that we take thousands of pictures daily to lock every moment on our screens. While capturing pictures, someone may face a problem finding a particular photo. You can arrange them on your mobile and instantly seek your desirable image more easily.

Use albums:

Albums are the primary option for organizing your iPhone photos, and they are effortless to create and tag. Once you have created an album, you can search your image by album name, and they will all be there!

Add captions: 

You can now add captions to your photos and videos for convenience in searching or to note why you capture that snapshot, etc.

Search by location or date:

For creating albums, iPhone has some great options for you! It adds information to images automatically for easy searching. Do search your photos by dates and locations like May 14 or France.You can quickly find your image by using this tool. 


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