(Update: July 14th Release Date!) 9mm Single Player and Multiplayer Trailers for iOS and Android

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Gameloft have a new game in the works, 9mm. Looking a lot like a mobile version of the Max Payne games, this is a third person action game with online capabilities.

The game looks like it is set in the world of gangsters and drugs and looks set to continue Gameloft’s recent run of fine form. The shooting action looks manic, and the way you can actually see the bullets coming at you in slow motion mode is stunning.

The game is coming to iPhone, iPad, Android and other tablets. Which ‘other tablets’ we don’t know yet but will pester Gameloft for more information.

The online mode looks nothing if not promising, with 12 players duking it out in 4 different arenas. It looks like the title uses a lock on targeting system, how that will work out online I can’t say, but Gameloft have enough experience with online mobile gaming to make this mode something to look forward to.

Check out both trailers below.

Update: Gameloft have told us that the game will be released on iPad and iPhone on July 14th, expect a review around that time. The Android version will be released ‘soon after’.


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