A Monster Ate My Homework iPhone Review

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A Monster Ate My Homework - Geek BeachThis app may easily catch your eye if you are browsing the App Store because of the bright design and just how very ‘different’ it looks in comparison to other games on the store, but would it be worth a second look?

This is best described as a sort of Angry Birds meets Boom Blox. The object of the game is to knock the block shaped monsters off a platform by touching the screen to throw balls at them, all the while avoiding knocking off the homework.
Each piece of homework has a star value, and you get three stars per level. Knock one or two down and you can still finish the level, but knock all three off and you have to restart.

There are up to 60 levels to complete and each level gets harder and harder with obstacles including bombs and small block monsters! The layout is in full 3d so you can rotate the puzzle and from all different angles to help you perfect your shot. The only downside for me here is that you can’t look on top of the puzzle you can only turn left and right.

I started reviewing this game last week and every day for nearly 2-3 hours I have been totally addicted I love the brightness and original format, the way it grips you into ‘I’ll just play one more level’ but then an hour later you’re still playing!
You can also use Game Center to access leader boards, achievements and check your friends scores, but whats missing for me really is Facebook Connect so you can get your friends involved to show them who’s winning!

The price is so cheap for a brilliant game such as this, but if you wanted to try it for free you can download ‘A Monster Ate My Homework Lite’ from the App Store for free but I promise you, you will be buying this app and wont be disappointed (a little tip is the best shot is not always an obvious one!)
Highly recommended.


A Monster Ate My Homework - Geek Beach


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