Accident Wizard iPhone Review

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Accident Wizard - Platinum Peak LLCYesterday, we took a look at an app that provided much more for users than it needed to, and luckily today we have another quality app that is not only extremely useful, but it actually does more than you think it would need to, and is another example of a developer really adding more and more value to an offering.

What is even more surprising about Accident Wizard is that it is completely free.

The app is a complete tool for drivers, and one that I am sure many will not be able to live without after they realise the protection and security it offers. It is a complete auto accident helper. When you have a car accident, even a very minor one, you are of course upset and flustered, which is unfortunate, as it is a time when you need to be focused. How many times have you been in the middle of a tricky car insurance claim and thought ‘why didn’t I just take a photo of the damage?’ or ‘why didn’t I ask that passerby to record a witness statement?’.

Well, with the Accident Wizard, that is no longer a problem, as the app guides you sensibly and clearly through exactly what you need to do after an accident to ensure that any problems that do occur are as small as possible, and that you have the evidence to stand up for your claim.

Here are the app’s main features, straight from the developer:

• Instant, on-the-scene accident assistance from trained live operators – 24×7.

•An Accident Wizard that walks you, step-by-step, through gathering the right information you need to file a claim.

• One touch access to information you must provide to the other driver and emergency personnel (insurance ID, license plate, automobile make and model, medical insurance info, etc.).

• Comprehensive accident reports with photo, audio recording and much more.

• One touch access to accident-related service providers in the immediate area, including healthcare providers, tow truck companies, personal injury lawyer in San Antonio, auto repair shops, and much more.

I am sure that many people will appreciate that live help from trained operators. A brilliant feature is the Accident Report, which takes all the evidence, including pictures you have taken and any notes you need included, and creates an Email with them, meaning that with a single Email you can get all the required information to the right parties with the minimum of fuss.

Another great option is the ability to put all of your details, such as your insurance details, licence number and car model, into a single screen to enable you to pass these details onto the other driver as easily as possible. This will be incredibly helpful to anyone in an accident.

Overall, this is a great app and one that will only prove its worth as time goes by. For a free offering, this is superb, and should be considered essential by all wise drivers.

Accident Wizard - Platinum Peak LLC


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  1. Mike pittman on

    Thank you for the review! I downloaded this app and about 2 weeks later… I need it and man did it really help! my insurance agent said that it cut down the process of getting the clam done by over half. Thank you so much for pointing out such great apps! Keep the great work! And for anyone out there the Auto Accident App is a must have!! When you need it you will be so happy you have it!

  2. Maybe I am little overly suspicious, but this is a Free app and it has a 24/7 hotline with operators waiting to assist you. What is their profit motive? Who are they going to share the information with?

    I saw many other similar apps on iTunes and they were all being distributed by Lawyers. I am a little suspicious as to what the intentions of the software vendor would be.

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