Achieve – Brain Training iPhone Review

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If you are going to stock your iPhone with loads of game apps, it wouldn’t hurt to add a few that exercise your brain too. Achieve – Brain Training by The Really Useful Information Company, LLC, has put together a group of mini games sure to sharpen the mind.

Here is the app’s full description:

Sharpen your brain! Achieve – Brain Training is a set of brain training games meant to challenge your brain and have fun while improving your attention, numerical, visual perception and language skills through practice.Achieve image 2

Brain Training Games do not increase your IQ, but they can help you stay sharp and improve your speed at various tasks through practice.

Included are Mini- Games that help build your attention and much more:

-Stroop Test: A deceptively simple and challenging where attentiveness is required to avoid confusion between text and colors.
-Bigger or Smaller: Your numerical mental agility is tested in a fun and exciting way. Find which math equation is bigger or smaller. Choose from multiple levels that include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
-Odd One Out: Fun visual perception tests. Choose the image that is different than the rest.
-Right or Wrong: Mathematical Problem solving test. Tell whether the mathematical equation is correct.
-Spell Test: Test your vocabulary and memory. Spell each word correctly.
-Split Brain Scramble: The most fun and challenging game yet. Ever wonder what it would be like to play several games simultaneously? Get ready for the ultimate brain test! Unlock this level by playing all the mini games.

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Progress Tracked by Scores and Achievements
-Maximum Brain Power! (Gain 3 prodigy points on ALL levels)
-You Got a Slice of the Smart Pie (Gain 3 prodigy points on one level.)
-Now you have the Whole Package (Purchased no more ads.)
-Get Ready for Crazy! (Unlock the Split Brain Challenge)
-Ready, Set, GO! (Completed all the tutorials)
-No Stopping Now! (Completed the first level.)


Achieve – Brain Training is made up of five different brain teasing tests, each testing different mechanics involving math, spelling, matching and even colors. You start with the Stroop Test in Color Mode, which shows you color word in a certain color, and you must correctly pick the color that it is and not what it reads. Getting a bit harder called Word Mode, you must now pick the color answer which the word reads and not what color it is. Seems tricky? That’s because it is. Cranking it up one more notch mixes the two modes and you have barely enough time to look at the word and see what mode you are playing before it’s time to pick an answer. And that’s just the first game. Add to that some spelling challenges and math problems and it is enough to make your head spin!

That’s not to say Achieve – Brain Training is not enjoyable, because it is. Sure it’s tough, but that’s kind of what you are going for when looking for a brain training app. You want it to be challenging. What I like about these mini games is that the game concepts are simple, and most of the problems are. The challenge is getting them solved in a time limit as well as mixed in with other types of problems to solve. Having your brain hop from one type of task to another can take some getting used to. The theme of the app is nice with a very bright color scheme. The games are clean and very easy  to read. The difficulty also increases as you play, making for an increase in replay ability. Even better, no intrusive ads.

Achieve – Brain Training is a great on the go challenge. It may not make you smarter, but it will keep you sharp as a tack. The app is available now in the App Store for free and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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