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The more messenger apps that are released, the more creative they seem to get. With all of the functions of default messengers, it is a wonder there is a need for separate messaging apps at all. Unique capabilities seem to be the main aim these days with group messaging and privacy at the center of these services. Here to bring you a little joy along to your every day messages is aJoy Messenger – Chat & Surprise by Eco-Soft Economic Software Gmbh.

aJoy Messenger is secure mobile messenger service aimed at adding fun and surprise twists to the basic texting communication. Here is the app’s full description:

aJoy is a mobile messenger whose mission is to help you to bring joy to your friends. aJoy provides awesome features that allowaJoy Messenger image 2 you to send interactive and cool content. Surprise your friends with fun, entertainment, presents, or simply your individual attention.

*** Features ***
◆ SIMPLE: Register within seconds. No pin or user-name required.
◆ FREE: Installation and usage is free.
◆ CHAT: Chat anytime with all of your friends, even if they are offline.
◆ FRIENDS’ LIST: Your contacts are automatically set up from your address book.
◆ NEW FRIENDS: You may also send messages to users who do not have aJoy installed yet.
◆ PICTURES & VIDEOS: Send and view any pictures or videos.
◆ AUDIO: Record a voice message and use funny audio effects.
◆ SURPRISE: Wrap your message up and let the receiver scratch off the present.
◆ GAMES: Entertain your friends and send puzzles created with your own pictures.
◆ SECURITY: Communication encryption ensures the confidential handling of your messages.
◆ NO DATA COLLECTION: No data is kept on the server. Your data is stored with you locally.
◆ NO STATISTICS: aJoy does not observe or evaluate any of your activities.
◆ AND MUCH MORE: Stay tuned and discover new chat features that are coming soon.

Check out this awesome new chat experience!

What’s New
aJoy encrypts your chat communication and ensures the confidential handling of your messages.

aJoy Messenger is has made messaging your friends that much more enjoyable. Registering for their service is as easy as typing in your phone number. Literally. No account process to go through or link to a social media account. Just set it up with your own mobile number and confirm with the code texted to you. The great thing about this process is if your friends can easily look you up in the app with your phone number. After that you can complete your profile by adding your name and a picture. Customize your chat experience by changing the chat wallpaper choosing from the selections included or adding your own photo. Send pictures, video and voice messages in an encrypted chat communication that is secure and private.

Now a lot of these features you can find on many messaging apps. What makes aJoy different is the way you are able to package your content. Pictures can be sent as gifts, complete with a variety of “wrapping paper” to choose from. Your friend merely has to scratch at the image to reveal the photo underneath. You can even send a jumbled photo puzzle.

There is one requirement to join all of this fun, and that is your friends have to have aJoy Messenger. You can technically send them a message if they are in your contacts and don’t have the app, but it will then open up iMessage with a pre-written message telling them there is a message waiting for them in aJoy. They will have to click the link in the message and download the app. I also did not see a feature for group messaging and think that would definitely be a bonus if added.

Overall I loved the vibrant look of aJoy Messenger and the fun, quirky style it brings. aJoy Messenger is free and available  now in the App Store. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.



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