Amazing Breaker iPhone Review

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Amazing Breaker - Dekovir, Inc.

Amazing Breaker (69p/99 cents) by Dekovir is outstanding, there’s no doubting it. Even if you don’t read the rest of this review, I’ll tell you right now: you should buy this game. No, you need to buy this game.

The concept of the app is immediately accessible. You’re required to smash ice sculptures by flinging bombs at them. You have four different bomb types to play with. Spike bombs lodge themselves in the ice before exploding, while split bombs divide into three upon a tap of the screen and lodge themselves into the ice, but don’t explode until they come into contact with the explosion of another bomb. Ghost bombs travel through ice, and can be directed with swiping motions similar to the brushing motions used in curling. Helicopter bombs drop a chain of bombs behind them as they travel, and then explode. The availability of different bomb types adds to the depth of the puzzler’s gameplay.

You need to clear more than 90% of the ice to pass a level with one star. This is normally fairly easy, and each of the 80 levels tends to only require two or three attempts before completion. However, incentive to replay levels is provided through the challenge of getting three stars on every level – to get three stars, you need to clear all of the ice. One of the major selling points of the game is its presentation. Visually, the app is spot on. Ice glistens with watery coolness, becoming cracked and splintered as you pelt it. Explosions are shipped in from Hollywood, and even the menu system is lovely to look at. Aurally, the game isn’t quite as effective but it’s still nice to listen to. The music is atmospheric and relaxing at the same time – I’d quite happily fall asleep to it. Unfortunately, as you play through levels, a patronising sounding woman pours sarcastic-sounding adjectives over you with frustrating frequency. I don’t think I ever want to hear the word “great!” again. Praise is nice to receive, but only in moderation.

There are a few flaws with the game. Loading times can be a little on the long side. The app contains achievements, but they don’t all seem to work properly. One achievement is to play through 10 levels in a row. I played through the entire game – all 80 levels – in just two sittings, but this achievement didn’t unlock. Something doesn’t add up there. Some levels require that you scroll up on the screen to see the whole ice shape. If you try to do this after firing either a split bomb or helicopter bomb, they drop one of their bombs when you don’t want them to. This was only a problem on a few levels, but it’s a problem nonetheless.

There is also one horrible spelling mistake that really interrupted the otherwise polished feel of the game for me: “goes trough ice”. Perhaps I’m being pedantic? Overall, the app has faults, but they are of very little consequence when the game is so much fun. It’s incredibly good value, with a minimum of around 3 hours of gameplay for just 69p/99 cents. More levels are promised via a future update, too. In conclusion (and I apologise here, but this pun is just too obvious to avoid) Amazing Breaker is simply smashing.

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Amazing Breaker - Dekovir, Inc.


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