Amiga classic Putty Squad coming soon to iOS

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If you were an owner of an Amiga and an avid gamer, then you will no doubt remember the game Silly Putty, a highly original platformer that was a hit on the format. A sequel, Putty Squad was announced, released for the SNES and even released as a demo for the trusty Amiga, but the full game never appeared for the little home computer.

Fear not, as the game is coming to iPad and iPhone in February 2012. The graphics, already high on the character factor have been redone in 1080p and look great, although importantly, they still look like an Amiga game, retaining that classic British look and sense of humour.

The game received some great reviews from the press of the day, with the smooth gameplay and inventive uses for Putty gaining the most praise. Putty is able to inflate to float, absorb items to use later, squash himself flat and stretch across the screen. I actually remember playing the demo all those years ago and being so disappointed that the final game was never released for Amiga.

The iOS versions will have touch controls, and the big hurdle for the developer will be getting these just right. We hope they offer plenty of different control schemes and options in this regard to ensure that no one has any problems with the way the game feels. Too many developers release platform games on iOS with no options at all for control schemes, forgetting that what works for one person might not necessarily work for another.

Putty Squad is going to be the first of many classic System 3 games being released for mobile, and not just iOS. Expect other formats to be supported in the future, although which platforms and indeed which games, we won’t know until early next year. Lets hope that Last Ninja and Myth are in the running for a release.

We have a massive gallery of screenshots below, although they are taken from the PS Vita version of the game, System 3 have told us that, aside from the aspect ratio the iPad and iPhone versions will be almost identical to the Vita edition.

Expect a review when the game launches, sometime in February.




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