Angry Fish World iPhone Review

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Fish World Mobile - Tall Tree GamesDuring the course of this review, dear reader, I promise to make an effort to reduce the bad fish puns as much as possible, but understand that to have none at all would be impossible. Right, now that’s out of the way, let’s start the review and have a halibut time (sorry).

Angry Fish World is a direct clone of Popcap’s Feeding Frenzy, which itself was a descendant of other, older games. Like Feeding Frenzy, your task is to move your fish up the food chain by eating other fish smaller than it, growing larger after eating so many, then eating ever larger sea creatures to get as large as possible and get the best score. Try to Kipper lid on your excitement (last one, I promise).

You guide your fish around the 2D, side on environment, with the screen scrolling when you get near the edge. Fish swim around at different speeds, all trying to either hunt or avoid each other, and it’s nice that you aren’t always the centre of attention, giving the world a little more realism, There are plenty of pickups to collect, from speed ups and slow downs, to shields and score multipliers. A decent pickups is the backwards control, which adds a nice bit of panic to the game.

The graphics are really nice, and I think they are better than Feeding Frenzy’s, with lovely sprites that have bags of character, and when you are really big there is plenty of sea life on the screen yet the game never drops a frame, to it’s credit. The music is excellent, with a nice, bouncy tune playing throughout.

The game has full Openfient integration to keep track of scores, and there are plenty of control options to tune the game to your liking, and the game automatically saves your progress mid game if you exit the app.

So far, so good, but the game does have one big problem; it’s difficulty level. The game is really hard, straight from the outset, even for Feeding Frenzy veterans. Despite the fact that this looks like a kids game, it really is too difficult for young children, and the learning curve for anyone is remarkably steep. The difficulty level stems from the fact that you need to collect a lot of fish to grow larger and also that the game gets harder as you get bigger. In Feeding Frenzy, the bigger you got, the less fish were around that were big enough to eat you. Here, bigger fish never seem to stop coming, and with the smaller fish still on screen things soon get hectic. Lose a life and you are put back a little on the food chain; lose all your lives and it’s back to the very start.

So aside from the difficulty level, there is a lot to like here. Charming sound and visuals, decent gameplay and a good dose of that ‘one more go’ factor. Worth a download if you are after a jaunty little game, but be warned; this fish has bite.


Fish World Mobile - Tall Tree Games


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