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Want to promote your business with an app but not sure how to get started? The team at AppInstitute is here to help set you up and then manage it all with App Builder by AppInstitute.

App Builder allows AppInstitute business app customers manage their very own apps with a simple interface. Here is some of the apps full description:

The AppInstitute App allows businesses who have built an iPhone App, using the AppInstitute Business App imageCMS, a simple way to manage customer App actions, send and schedule Push Notifications and review App Download Stats.
Features Include:
* Login to access Customer Relationship Management features for app owners
* Communicate with customers
* View customer actions
* View App Analytics

* Background: Choose or design your own unique background or choose from our professionally designed custom templates
* Splash Screen: Customise the look and feel of the Splash Screen
* App Icons: Add your own App Icon or build one using our App Icon creator tool
* Drag n Drop Colour Editor: Use the AppInstititue Colour Editor to match the look and feel of your brand
* Header Images: Change your header image to suit your App’s look and feel
* Add Images: Add images to your app
* Add Videos: Add videos from any of your YouTube Channels or any other source. Upload any video file in .mp4 or .mov
* Add Articles: Add unlimited article pages to your app
* Location: Add the address to your/your clients business. Use maps and GPS to show real time directions based on the user’s current location
* Admob Enabled: Add in advertising to your app. Get paid when someone clicks an ad.
* Contact Form: Add a contact us form within your app
* Social: Facebook/ Twitter / Instagram and more: Add your fan page / twitter feed / instagram feed in a simple click. Auto updates in real time as you update your pages/feeds.
* Loyalty Cards: Add virtual loyalty card to your app with a “stamp” reward system
* Menus: Add your own menu to your app and enable mobile ordering
* Reservations: Allow reservations from within your app
* Appointments Forms: Great to schedule appointments. Local business like law firms, doctors, dentists, physio’s etc can use this powerful feature to bring in more business
* Push Notifications: Can send notifications to anyone who has downloaded the app. Incredibly high engagement and response rates are common with push notification usage.
* You can build an App free of charge, we also offer variety of plans which you can view on

The idea behind AppInstitute is to help the average business find their spot in the mobile app world. In a way, it is very much the WordPress for mobile apps. Create your own app with the help of AppInstitute, no coding required. Feature loyalty programs to keep customers coming back to visit, or use it to increase your sales by having your own mobile store. Real time offers are also available to keep your customers engaged. Sign-up with just your name, email and telephone number to get started building your free app.

Once you receive your password in your email you can login to the site to create your app. There are many tutorials in video form to help you along as well as team members you can chat with. Where the App Builder app comes in is now, you can login with this account for your app to see analytics, actions and send push notifications from your mobile device. I really like the idea behind this concept and think it could be very useful for sure. Setting up the account and viewing tutorials was very simple to understand and the templates to choose from were very customizable. Most of those things are set-up on the site itself, and I was very glad to see it was easily done from my tablet. The App Builder app is more of a companion to this whole service. For what is there, the app worked well enough, but I did experience quite a bit of crashing when logging in or out and just navigating took some time to load. The password function could also be a bit better. The addition of Touch ID would definitely be an improvement.

App Builder by AppInstitute is a functional assistant to the site but does need a bit more polishing to become a real gem. The app is available now in the App Store for free and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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