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We have scoured the interwebs to bring you the latest and greatest app deals for the day! And not just iPhone and iPad, but Android and Windows 7 as well. With app store prices fluctuating like the stock market, it just doesn’t make sense to pay full price! So check back everyday for your daily deal updates. And remember, app prices are subject to change at anytime.



$0.99 – FREE
Designed to be easy to play yet super addictive – UltraDeep! may become your next iphone addiction!

Try a new and unique word puzzle! WordCollapse is for you who love crosswords, sudoku, solitaire and trivia games. You will get started within seconds, the game is very easy and intuitive.

King Idiot 1 – Are you and idiot
$2.99 – FREE
If you’re NOT an idiot… Prove it! 9 levels of brain-damaging challenges. Hundreds of mind-bending puzzles that cripple weak brains.

Eternity Warriors
3D fantasy world with fast-paced melee action gameplay: Experience an amazing variety of heavy and light attacks, devastating special moves and powerful combos to take out the hoards of demonic enemies.

City of Secrets
$1.99 – $0.99
If you’re tired of hammering bird brains against the wall, go underground in the tap adventure game, City of Secrets. Requires logic and puzzle solving skills so turn your brain back on and prove you know your head from a Mole in the ground.



The Magic Box
$0.99 – FREE
Visually appealing with vintage charm, this app is fun and interactive. This app is appropriate for all levels of magic experience, from aspiring children magicians to advanced pros.

$2.99 – $1.99
Would you like to take notes, surf the web displaying lots of internet pages ,draw using simply your fingers and organize your documents,such as passport, identity card and driving license? If you want to do all at the same time all of these useful things, now you can do it with Notesizer.

Baby Mars
$3.99 – FREE
Accompanying with Baby Mars’s space adventure, through a series of interaction including: listening, observing, touching, color recognizing, fully reinforcing babies’ hearing, color recognition, practical ability and stimulate your little babies’ interest of learning math.

MyMeetingPro HD – MMP Meeting Facilitator
$2.99 – $1.99
Are you frustrated with meetings? Most attendees and many facilitators are! MMP simplifies the process so any facilitator can look like a meeting pro without having to become a meeting pro.

Mailing Desk – Gmail and what not with style!
$0.99 – FREE
Mailing Desk is the most elegant and efficient way to use the Gmail web interface on an iPad.



Star Wars’ Darth Vader Voice Synth. VaderVoice is a utility to transform your voice in Darth Vader’s.

Wyse PocketCloud Pro RDP/VNC
$14.99 – $8.99
PocketCloud enables remote access to Windows or Mac desktops over WiFi and 3G/4G networks.

Alchemy Premium
$4.95 – $3.95
You have only four basic elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Combine them and their products to get more than 200 new elements.

Performance Tool
$0.81 – FREE
Do you want to improve your phone performance then you must have this “Performance Tool”.kills unnecessary tasks running in your device , displays battery power and temperature.

Splashtop Remote Desktop
$1.99 – $0.99
Splashtop Remote Desktop ONLY remote desktop app capable of bringing full interactive video, audio, PowerPoint animations, and even 3D gaming to your Android phones or tablets!!


Windows 7

WinForFeed – Friendfeed Client
$1.99 – $1.29
WinForFeed is the first (and only) Friendfeed client for Windows Phone. Designed and developed with the support of the community of Friendfeed’s users, WinForFeed allows the same user experience of web clients, with the advantage of an interface optimized for mobile devices and a lot of new additional features.

NexGen Reader GR
$1.29 – $0.99
NextGen Reader is the fastest google reader client for windows phone 7. (Trial version with no ads except one feature “share via tweet”)

chronoStopWatchXB – Track you
$0.99 – FREE
StopWatchXB is a powerfull and easy to use stopwatch perfectly adapted for fast use.


App prices are subject to change.


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