App Junkie: walkie-talkie for iPhone Review

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App Junkie is a regular feature where Brihanna Watson, self-confessed app junkie, takes a look at an app that has got her attention. She will dissect the app in her own style, but still keep to the rigorous testing policy of the site. If you are indeed an ‘app junkie’, and find yourself spending an inordinate amount of cash on apps that you never touch more than a couple of times, then Brihanna could save you a lot of pain and money by seeing if those apps that look like sparkling little gems in their App Store descriptions are really as tempting as they appear. Today:

Now junkies, I think you would agree that texting is now a way of life. It is simply a revolutionary invention. And don’t get me wrong, I love to text, but sometimes it would be faster to send a voice message. Some apps have tried to solve this problem, but most have only made it more complicated. Either you had to get all of your friends to install the app and add you as a friend or it would send it to your email, which seems pointless, especially if not everyone on your list has a smart phone. makes this process of communication so much simpler.

Now the iTunes description states,” is a fun, useful, and free way to turn your mobile phone into a push-to-talk walkie-talkie.” I wouldn’t go so far calling it a walkie-talkie feature, but it is close. is like a message managing system. It allows you to send a voice note to any friend on your contact list – it works even if your friend doesn’t have the app installed and even if your friend doesn’t have an iPhone. Just select one of your contacts and record a message by holding down the button while you talk and letting it go when you are finished – like a walkie-talkie. It will text them a link they can click that will play the message. Now mind you, the message you send will be no cost except for data usage, but those on the receiving end, regular texting rates may apply. It also comes up under a different phone number that your friend may not recognize, so you might want to give them a heads up before sending anything.

The real beauty in the app is when you both have the app installed. You can send messages back and forth, text or voice, and they are all stored in the app. And it really updates quickly. I received my notifications for replies in no time. It’s great for those simple questions like reminders when you’ve arrived at the store and you can’t remember what you went there to get. Send a quick voice message and receive a quick one back. No need for a phone call and long conversation, or blocking the grocery isle while you spell out and fix your auto corrects in a text. is also simplistic in design. There are literally only three main screens. Your home screen, that stores your messages, your contact list, and the recording screen. And I love the old time radio look they gave it. Simple and stylish. Oh, and it’s FREE!

So get and keep in touch with those you love, with the sound of your voice!



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Brihanna has been a tech fanatic and computer nerd nearly all her life. When she isn’t chasing around kids or glued to her iPhone, she is updating app junkies like herself on where to find the latest go-to apps.

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