Apple to Provide Connectors For new iPhone 5 Design

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In an update to a story we posted several weeks back, it looks like Apple will now manufacture an adapter for the new smaller iPhone dock connectors as it moves away from the current 30-pin to a smaller 19-pin  connecter in the next generation of the iPhone. According to iMore, which was first to report the smaller connector, they have now confirmed that Apple will be offering an adapter to provide backwards compatibility for older devices.

While this seems like it should have been filed in the obvious drawer, because of all the questions we’ve been getting, and posts we’ve been seeing, iMore reached out to the original sources that gave us the new Dock connector story way back in February just to make doubly sure — and yes, there will be an adapter for the iPhone 5’s smaller Dock connector that will let it work with many of the accessories designed for the old 30-pin Dock connector.

We haven’t heard if one will be included in the box along with the iPhone 5, or will only be sold separately, but either way, come October, you’ll be able to get a new-to-old Dock adapter from Apple.


This falls in line with the same protocol followed by Apple when they recently rolled out the new MagSafe 2 power connector. Apple offered a separate adapter to allow people to use their older power supplies with new machines. The company has also included a free adapter for the Apple Thunderbolt Display, which still uses the original MagSafe connector for power to their machines. At any rate, those worried about the change can be rest assured Apple is taking care of it.


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