Apps to Look Out For – AmiOK?! iPhone Review

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AmIOK?! - Twitter, Facebook, email status sharing! - AmIOK?! LLC Apps to look out for is a regular feature where we take a look at an app that may have gone under your radar, and may in fact be worth a look.


If there is one way in which I feel social networking could be improved on iPhone, then it would be with multi network status updating. With my Windows Phone, I can share my status with friends on Twitter, Facebook and more all in one screen, built into the OS. It is very handy, as I am sure most people have friends who use different networks. Some people on Twitter won’t touch Facebook, and many people on Facebook have no idea what Twitter is.

So, until Apple adds the feature to iOS, we have a great solution here in the form of AMiOK?!, which allows you to update your status from one screen to many destinations at once, such as Twitter and Facebook, and also SMS and Email.

The app does much more than that, however, as the built in emoticon style quick mood post will be great for many users, but perhaps the most impressive aspect of the app is the mood map, which is a map of your area with the moods of people displayed as colours on the map.

It is really impressive, and there are many options for changing the display of the map. It does work as well. Check out the mood of a city just after their sports team loses!

You can add pictures and text to you mood updates, and I know many people who love this kind of thing, so AmiOK?! could really take off in a big way.

With plenty of options and a fun vibe, AmiOK?! is a great social app.

AmIOK?! - Twitter, Facebook, email status sharing! - AmIOK?! LLC


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