Apps to Look Out For: Ski Park Review

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Our ‘Apps to look out for’ reviews are quick looks into apps that may well have passed under your radar, but may in fact be worth a look, and possibly even a purchase. Have a peek at today’s app and see if you think it is worth your time and money.

Ski Park

Ski Park, available for both iPhone and iPad on the iTunes App Store, and for Android via the Google Play store, is a game that lets you take control of your own ski resort.

The game is good-looking with plenty of detail packed into all the buildings, backgrounds and characters. The snowy theme is well done, and everything has that classic wintry feel, with ice dripping from every angle. It really does all help to add to the atmosphere.

The game lets you choose the buildings that you want in your resort, and upgrade just about everything you can think of. There will also be various hidden creatures to find, as well as a few characters to interact with.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:screen568x568 (2)

– Great mixture of hidden objects and city builder genres.
– Impressive structures in the mountains’ surroundings, from the Taj Mahal to the Empire State Building.
– Quick and interesting tasks help you get a feel for the game.
– A loyal helper will always give you hints about what to do next.
– All buildings can be upgraded.
– There is always something interesting going on at the resort and you will regularly receive new tasks.
– You can hold events in any commercial building to bring profit.

The game is surprisingly addictive, with a lot of content to be found. The game is completely free, which is always a bonus, and when you consider the fact that you may well play this game for months, the value is plain to see.

Overall, a really decent little game that will fill the hot summer days while you wait for the snap of winter.

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