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Our ‘Apps to look out for’ reviews are quick looks into apps that may well have passed under your radar, but may in fact be worth a look, and possibly even a purchase. Have a peek at today’s app and see if you think it is worth your time and money.

Hello, Cappuccino

Hello, Cappuccino from developer KTH is a nice mix of genres that will be a pleasant distraction for casual gamers, both young and old. The game sees you put in charge of a bustling coffee shop with errands to run, people to manage and money to make.

You run a cafe, and can have it located in various places, such as the city or the beach. I said it was a bit of a mix of genres as there are various parts of the gameplay that focus in different directions. So, you can be taking on the day to day running of the cafe, or concentrate on expanding the business. Of course, the best players will achieve the most by managing to do it all at once.

Here is a brief overview of the game:

+ Making delicious coffee & dessert in cookbooks.
+ Getting customers happy by serving. delicious coffee & sweet and tasty dessert.
+ Carrying out funny missions.
+ Opening an extra cafe on the pristine Waikiki beach.

+ Visiting friend’s cafe and then making desserts for him.
+ Giving tips and cleaning the garbage for friends.
+ Recruit your facebook friends as the baristas, chefs and patisseries.
+ Evaluating your friend’s cafe and giving them nice stamp.

+ Get them gorgeous by dressing your waiters, baristas and patisseries as you like
+ Raising a lovely pet as the puppies etc.

The fact that you can also raise a pet, and spend time dressing up the staff in custom uniforms are both cool additions. You can learn to make the perfect coffee and sweet desserts using various cookbooks, but the best feature has to be the connectivity options that let you visit a friend’s own cafe, rank them with a stamp and even clean up their rubbish for them.

With a really nice visual style, plenty of options and a cheerful and colourful vibe, Hello Cappuccino is a decent download.

Hello,Cappuccino (Cafe Manager) - KTH



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