Apps to Look Out For – Voice Recorder HD iPhone Review

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Voice Recorder HD - eFUSION Co., Ltd. Apps to look out for is a regular feature where we take a look at an app that may have gone under your radar, and may in fact be worth a look.

Voice Recorder HD

There are so many recorder apps on the App Store that it is easy to lose count. Perhaps the most difficult thing about all these apps, however, is the fact that very few of them offer up ways of actually getting your recordings off of your iPhone and onto your Mac, PC or other device, but it is here that Voice Recorder HD excels, as it allows you to export any recordings you make to Soundcloud, iCloud, Dropbox and even .wav files over USB, or via Email if the file is under 10MB.

It is this flexibility that makes the app stand out from the crowd, but it also has a few more tricks up its sleeve, the first being the superb quality of the recordings you can do, with many options for lowering the quality to save space if you need it. The other main bonus is accessability support for those with disabilities.

Here are the app’s main features, straight from the developers:

・ Unlimited recording time (Tested up to 8 hours)
・ Background recording (You can open other app while recording)
・ Ability to configure audio quality (Low:8KHz, Medium:22.05KHz, Heigh:44.1KHz)
・ Share voice memo by email (Up to 10MB size)
・ Share and backup recorded voice memo over the iCloud.
・ Upload into Dropbox.
・ Share to SoundCloud
・ Restart recording after interrupt by incoming Phone Call
・ Transfer audio files to computer(PC/Mac) using USB (iTunes require)
・ Recorded audio file can play on any Operating System
・ Record in mono and stereo (tested with Tascam iM2)
・ Supports external mic to record long distance sound (Tested with iRig Mic placed on a couple of mic stands for stability). This feature is ideal for sound engineer, vocalist and journalist.
・ Tagging voice memos
・ Quick and simple to use
・ Universal binary (iPad and iPhone version in a single application).

The app looks great on an iPhone, but even better on the new iPad with full support for its Retina display. Voice Recorder HD is very easy to use with an intuitive and vibrant interface.

Overall, this is one of the best recording apps available for iOS. If you are serious about this kind of thing, then I would recommend downloading this right away.

Voice Recorder HD - eFUSION Co., Ltd.



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