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There are an abundance of apps available now that are slanted towards local interests, with apps popping up all the time that claim to be able to show you the local traffic, places of interest, weather, social networks and much more. Now this is all well and good, and many of these apps are genuinely useful and show information that the wider, more national or international apps just can’t reliably display.

The problem is that there are now simply too may of them. It wasnt too long ago that the only app that showed anything local was Google Maps and one or two others. Now, there are literally thousands of apps that promise to show you what is going on in your local area.

AppsMapper is here to solve that very problem. AppsMapper shows you the apps that claim to be able to help you in your area in a clear, concise way that puts the App Store to shame. You can search for local apps for your location, or even for somewhere that you plan on going to in the future. Apps can be filtered by keywords, popularity, ratings and more, giving you an easy way to find the right app for your current situation, need and location.appsmapper

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

* Find top apps for your city
* Find top apps for your country
* Select city or country on the map
* Automatic detection of apps for your current location
* Use keywords search for selected location
* Discover apps for your next trip, be it vacation or business
* Discover apps on sales
* Various filters and sorting options to minimize the time spent in finding apps

The best thing about this app is the gorgeous map display of where the apps are, and how many relate to each location. it is here where Apple could really borrow from and improve the App Store, as this is a great idea that is perfectly executed.

It is so easy to find the right app using this technique, so AppsMapper gets full marks for this aspect of the app, and does well in others areas as well. It is well designed with an easy to use interface that doesn’t get clogged up with too much information at once, and is always easy to navigate and peruse.

While the app itself really is only about finding other apps, it does do this in an attractive and professional manner, so if you travel a lot, or are simply looking for better local apps, then this comes highly recommended as an innovative app that offers up something new in a bright and nicely presented package.


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