Archetype iPhone Review

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Archetype - Villain LLCNow for those of you who don’t like to hang around, but instead  like to dive straight into the gaming action, because lets face it, some developers tend to get a little ‘carried away’ with all the pre-game hype, prompting a lot of us to frantically hit the ‘skip’ button in order to get started, this might be a game to look out for.

Not that a bit of story is necessarily a bad thing, its just a welcome change to not have a story, so the first thing you may realise, is that if you’re looking for depth from this title, then forget it! The main feature is that this game is online-multiplayer only, meaning for those who may not know-no single player mode! My first thought however, was how great these features are, in that they break away from the usual. Because this is a multiplayer game, you will obviously need an internet connection, though a 3G connection has been ‘recommended’, for best results, although there have been some reports of glitching on 3G networks. In short, use Wi-Fi if you can.

On starting a match you will be prompted to enter a gamer-tag of your choice, and you will then join a lobby which is split between two teams, the orange team, and the blue. You can select a team of your choice, and then you will be ready to begin! The actual game itself is a brilliant little first person shooter, which really does look able to give even some consoles a run for their money. Graphics are sharp, smooth, and quite well rendered, really showing what the iPhone is capable of.

Team deathmatches are pretty intense, which again seems to remind me of what one might expect from more ‘prominent’ titles such as Halo 3, etc. So your main or only objective, is to eliminate opponents, and stay alive! You can earn XP and rank up by winning games, which is pretty much what its all about. The touch sensitive controls are very good, very smooth and unhindering. Things like looking around, and strafing felt pretty natural. The controls can also be improved to suit the players needs in the options. Although the controls are pretty good it is still pretty difficult to engage an enemy properly at times, so there training and advanced training modes that you can go through to brush up on skills.

There also video tutorials that  clearly explain the functions and controls; this I’m sure most will find very helpful. General gameplay is quite good, weapons are pretty much what you might expect, like rapid-fire AutoMag, rifles, shotguns, missile launchers, and grenades, etc. There are 5 maps to play with, and there are some really cool level designs to become immersed in. Any levels you don’t like, can be vetoed in the pre-game lobby.

Overall I found this little game pretty entertaining, its kinda got an ‘Unreal Tournament’ feel to it. It certainly packs a punch if online FPS’s are your thing.

Archetype - Villain LLC


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