Are Ads Coming to Instagram?

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Looks like Facebook may be aiming to make some of their money back on the purchase of the ever popular photo sharing service, Instagram.Instagram for iPhone - Photo Feed

Business Insider is reporting that Facebook may be looking to begin monetizing the service. What could this mean for the many Instagram users out there? Possibly seeing ads in their friends’ never ending stream of food and kid photos. Here is what was stated in the note to investors today:

Instagram Monetization Coming Soon? Facebook recently proposed changes to its data use policy and statement of rights and responsibilities that will, in short, enable the company to share information with affiliates like Instagram. While the monetization of Instagram is something investors largely expect, the main question has been the timing. This change could be an indication that Facebook is planning to monetize Instragram in the near future, as it would allow Instagram to use Facebook’s data to personalize the Instagram user experience and perhaps target advertisements. We note that Instagram currently has approximately 39M monthly active users, according to AppData. We believe most estimates currently do not factor Instagram monetization yet due to the uncertainty on the timing.


So far, few changes had been done to the beloved photo sharing app, and that’s exactly the way I like it. It is by far my photo sharing app of choice, even with Facebook’s own camera update. But the threat of ads adding to the landscape makes me worry that it may not stay that enjoyable for long. Hopefully if this news does come true there will at least be an option to buy or upgrade an ad free version of the app.

Whatever is in store, Facebook better tread lightly and be sure this is the way to go, or be prepared to suffer the consequences.



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