Astraware Mahjong iPhone Review

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Astraware Mahjong - Astraware LimitedSearching the App Store for the word ‘Mahjong’ yields more results than anyone could ever sift through with any chance of finding the perfect tile game. There are literally hundreds of Mahjong games on iOS, but fear not, as The Smartphone App Review may just have found the best version of the game on Apple’s platform.

Astraware are no strangers to games such as this, as they have been creating quality content for mobile platforms since the old Palm OS days at the very least, and anything they put their name on is usually of good quality.

Astraware Mahjong has 30 puzzles to play through, with four difficulty settings, easy, medium, hard and classic. The great thing here is that there is definitely a difference between the difficulty levels, with the ‘classic’ setting extremely difficult to complete puzzles on.

The game has a unique ‘zoom’ mode, where the camera automatically sets it’s zoom level to the size of the remaining tiles. It’s a nice feature to have, but I found it quite restrictive and preferred to set the camera to a more standard board overview. You can still use pinch to zoom in and out manually and look around the board by swiping the screen. The auto zoom mode is good for giving your eyes a rest, however.

The graphics on display here are really nice, and the way the developer has made the board and tiles sweep around in 3D really gives the game a feeling of depth. I love the fact that all the menu and options screens are on one table, and when you switch to a game, the camera swoops over the floor to another table where the game is played. It’s great to see subtle effects like this put into a game like this, and the result is one of the most attractive board games on iOS.

In addition to the 30 included puzzles, there is also a ‘Mahjong of the day’ feature which is basically a daily challenge on chosen puzzles. You play the puzzle on any difficulty, then submit your time against the world. The game also has a set of achievements to plow through, different tile sets and backgrounds to choose from, but the best thing has to be the exhaustive list of options available to tailor the game to your liking. There is even a full tutorial for newbies to sink their teeth into.

Sound is as expected, with simple sound effects, but there is an option to use your iPod’s music library to add a little bit more audio to the experience.

Overall then, great graphics, imaginative tile layouts, a cool online mode and a myriad of options make this one of, if not the best Mahjong games on the App Store.


Astraware Mahjong - Astraware Limited


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