Astropak iPhone Review

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itunes iconThe App Store has been overrun with the latest Flappy Bird craze, producing numerous copycats by the day since the app disappeared. With this surge has come some quite creative takes on what is a classic style of game. Astropak, from Jacob Duane Johnson, is one game taking this concept to the stars.

Astropak features an astronaut without his ship, fleeing from danger the only way he has left, with his trusty Astropak 9000. Simply tap the screen to hover your astronaut up, maneuvering through deadly terrain, including, you guessed it – Astropak image 2pipes. Here is the apps full description:

Your ship has been captured and your crew has been imprisoned. In the midst of certain peril and commotion, you managed to use your special Astronaut fighting skills to escape! Now, equipped only with the trusty Astropak 9000, you must navigate the vast caverns in order taste freedom!


-Astropak 9000
-Astronaut fighting skills, rank: The Best.
-Unlockable medals
-Normal Mode
-Crazy Mode


Tap the screen to ignite your Astropak. If you want to hover in one spot, use a constant tapping speed. Tap and hold to propel yourself upward.
Use your skills to navigate the obstacles and collect as many medals as you can. I doubt you can collect them all…no one ever has, so it’s ok if you fail.

For this reviewer, I have to say, I don’t get it. Flappy Bird was a terrible game, addicting only because it was so difficult. Something inside you said, “there is no way I will fail again.” So you torture yourself until finally you are fed up and push the delete button. Having said that, I thought Astropak was very enjoyable. I liked the graphics, music and concept, especially the little speech bubbles with comments from the astronaut. The character was much easier to control than Flappy Bird, and I succeeded in passing my previous goal several times, giving me the will to try again.

There are two modes in Astropak, Normal and Crazy. I didn’t see much difference between the two, but it does say that the Crazy version is harder. Calling it Crazy Mode is a bit misleading though. You will see a pop-up ad after every turn, but it doesn’t interrupt the gameplay. An in-app purchase will remove ads for only $0.99 if it really becomes bothersome to you.

Though Astropak isn’t the most original game, it is an inviting Flappy Bird replacement. Astropak is available free in the App Store and compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.




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