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The world could always use more positivity and social media has been known to spread the good vibes like wild fire when it catches. The Awesome app is hoping it can spread more of the flames with its interactive, positive social media app. Here is some of the app’s description from the App Store:

Make positivity and good deeds a part of your social media with Awesome! This free social networking platform encourages you to spread positivity by completing Awesome Challenges.

Awesome gamifies kindness with fun, social challenges. Level up by completing challenges for kind deeds like “Take your spouse to lunch” or “Fill an expired car meter.” Share photos and your experience to earn points!

Post pictures to your Awesome profile and share your friends’ pics – the more you share, the more you level! Earn points and collect Gold Coins to share gifts with your friends and send personalized messages.

See how much awesomeness you’re creating in the world by sharing on your social channels, inviting friends and ranking up on the leaderboard. See where you and your friends are in Awesome.

Awesome is a social media app that wants to highlight the special, uplifting, everyday things that we do for one another. Not only does the focus want to be on the positive, but to encourage everyone on the platform to do more good in the world by making a game out of it. These can be small things like paying it forward and buying someone lunch, or something much bigger like donating your time to a cause you believe in or adopting a pet. With every effort, points are earned in the game and that encourages users to continue to do more good.

First users sign-up and then select their top five interests. Choose from education, animals, health, environment, disaster relief and more. These interests will help Awesome suggest challenges you can complete within the app and share with friends. These interests can be changed later in account settings. The points are simple to achieve, with 1800 points awarded just for signing up. You can complete challenges and share friends’ posts to level up and climb the ranks of the leaderboard. Post pictures of your experiences and share and comment on your friends’ as well. More interaction equals more points.

I love the idea around the Awesome app. The way the focus is around positivity, no matter how big or small. The point system gives a small motivator to keep you checking in using the app everyday. With the points awarded by sharing and commenting, it keeps interactions high and the love being spread which also in turn spreads news of events and charities. The app is incredibly well designed and intuitive and the challenges are achievable which makes it that much more likable. I didn’t see a whole lot of activity as of yet in my feed, but that’s on me to invite friends and earn points in doing so.

Awesome is taking the social media idea to a whole new level. With some growth, it may really take off and just make the world a better place. The app is available now in the App Store for free.


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