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Barcode-X by, KJTeam, turns any iPhone into an easy to use inventory database.

Simply scan away as the app logs the codes and saves an image to go along with each item. With an in-app purchase, entries can be edited with amounts and descriptions as well as checked through Google, Amazon and UPC Database, all without leaving the app. Here is the app’s full description:


Barcode-x, the ultimate fast&easy barcodes reader.

Barcode-x turns your iPhone into a barcode terminal, that is ideal for inventory, document preparation and for searching products online. 
Scan barcodes of your items, enter their quantity, send the inventory by email **(with a CSV/TXT list file and images attached) or retrieve your data with itunes.  Barcode X image 2
From there, you can open it in Microsoft Excel, or import it into a database program like Microsoft Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle or into an ERP software.

Features : 
_UPC-A UPC-E EAN 8 EAN 13 ISBN 10 ISBN 13 2/5 Interleaved (i25) DataBar
_Code 39 Code 93 Code 128 QR Code
_Tracking numbers from UPS and FedEx
_FARMACODE barcode supported
_Barcode Manual Entry
_Editable description for each scan
_Editable quantity for each scan
_Single shot or continuous scan mode
_Fast autofocus and manual focus
_Flash control
_Exported CSV/TXT file with different separator characters
_Exported snapshot files in PNG or JPG format
_Email file attachment support**
_iTunes file share support
_Find barcodes on internet*

with just .99$ Barcode-x inApp Purchase function lets you get rid of banners, find barcodes on internet, edit barcodes quantity after scanning and of course support us 🙂

what else?
Best scanning.

kiwi apps (KJTeam)


What I loved about this app is how easy it was to use. The main page is set up ready to go without much tutorial. The scanner recognizes the barcodes pretty quickly which is a nice improvement over other scanners I have seen. I had no problem with the scanner reading or focusing on the barcodes I was scanning. Another plus is that it supports various formats, including Farmacode and QR Codes. Once scanning is complete, the information can be emailed or downloaded through iTunes. Afterwards it can be exported into Excel, keeping a nice organized spreadsheet. The app is free, but I definitely recommend the $0.99 cent in-app purchase to unlock the editing features.

For anyone looking to organize their inventory of items, whether for business or for home, Barcode-X is a full service, easy to use tool that fits in your pocket. It is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.




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