Barnes and Noble Updates Nook App

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NOOK by Barnes & Noble - Barnes & Noble

For all you tablet readers out there, Barnes and Noble seems to want to keep things fresh and not abandon those Android and iOS Nook apps just yet. Even though I’m sure they’d love for you to run out and buy a new Nook HD Tablet, there is a realization that book sales will come with sales of other devices.

Whether you run Android or iOS, some significant updates have been added to the new 3.2 update. For instance, improved fonts and margins, a full dictionary and the ability to zoom within comic books. Here is the full list:

New in 3.2.0:
• PagePerfect support on iPhone 4/4S and iPad
• Sideloading support for EPUB and PDF
• Updated font and margin sizes
• Now with a full dictionary
• New “Everything Else” filter in Library
• Pre-order fix
• Several bug fixes


Though many prefer Amazon, it is always good to keep your options open. After all, the Amazon vs. B&N competition can only benefit the consumer.


NOOK by Barnes & Noble - Barnes & Noble




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