Baseball Kings iPhone Review

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itunes iconFans of any sports genre can easily find apps based on their favorite sport. Simulators are especially popular. Can’t go to the big game? Why not play in your own version on your phone? Baseball Kings, by APPNORI, wants to put you right in the big leagues!

Here is the app’s full description:

◈◈ Time Limited 50% Off Sale ◈◈Baseball Kings image 2
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Baseball Kings is a Real 3D Pitching game you’ve ever seen before !

It is a simple and casual game that allows users to enjoy dynamic pitching only with a finger flicking. 

King of the Closers! Lead your team to World Series Champion !
Baseball Kings | Real Baseball Simulator Game features:

• Easy, fun and realistic
• Uses real data, photos, and stats
• Real Baseball Strategies
• Different game types and difficulty levels
• Individual player statistics

▶ SIMPLE and EASY yet FUN !

Simple controls and short game play sessions let you play anywhere, anytime!
High-End 3D quality performance with low capacity storage (under 50MB).


Strikeouts, Double Plays, Sacrifice Bunt / Flies and more happen exactly as much as fans would expect! In short, a super-realistic 3D baseball simulator


Rookie – Single A- Double A – Triple A – Major League
Regular Season – Division – Champion Ship Series – World Series
Compile lots of wins and qualify for intense Playoff Games


More SAVE / Blown SAVE,Loss, ERA,IP and Individual Player Stats than any other game!
Even K/9,CYP point!


Get your players in shape so that they can play at their maximum performance.
You can also raise batting average and improve the ball’s speed up to 110MPH !
Work hard and build yourself an unbeatable team. Lead your team to World Series Champion !

Baseball Kings | Real Baseball Simulator Game it is a great and realistic game for you to play in your spare short time due to its short gameplay sessions.

– Put your finger on the ball and flick forward.
– Throw the ball following the pitching guideline and in a direction where the catcher is leading to.
– If you flick your finger a shorter, the ball is thrown low.
– The gauge of the arrow shows ball’s amount of spin.
– The ball curves toward the direction of the arrow, so throw it to the opposite direction to fix it.
– The larger the amount of spin on the ball, throw it by tilting your finger at a proper angle .
– Press the fireball button you can pitch an extremely powerful ball.

When beginning the app, your character is a rookie player on the Los Angeles Baseball Kings baseball team. The play is started in the 8th inning as you are the relief pitcher. Use your finger to flick the ball into the catcher’s mitt and strike the other team’s players out. The animation of the ball will indicate the ball’s rotation so the direction the ball is flicked is key. Rack up the points as you successfully shut the other team down. The app will let you know when there is a slugger approaching so you can amend your approach. Unfortunately if they do get a hit, the outfield is automated so you just have to watch to see how your team does. It’s best to work on your pitching skills and strike the other team out from the get-go.

Your team also gets a turn at bat, but to my disappointment, it is just a slot machine style player that randomly designates if you get any hits or are out. Once you’ve cycled through enough outs to finish the inning, you go back to pitching again. Different hits and pitches are worth different amount of points. At the end of the game the points are tallied letting you know who has won. Win your games and move up in the ranks, then upgrade your player and team with the points that are earned.

Baseball Kings is a fun, but challenging app. The pitching is a bit tricky, but going through the training definitely helps get the feel down. The graphics look great with an energetic, cartoon feel to them. I liked the pitching method and was able to defeat a good amount of players with practice. I wasn’t so thrilled about some of the random moves I had no control over, like the outfield players and the batting innings. With core parts left out, it didn’t quite feel like I was playing a full baseball game, which I think is needed for any simulation game. If you like baseball, especially the pitching aspect of the game, you will surely like Baseball Kings.

Baseball Kings is available on sale in the App Store for $0.99, fifty percent off its original price of $1.99. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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