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itunes iconWho doesn’t like to stay connected? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; there are countless ways to connect. Who is reading all of those status updates? Now you can find out with BestFriends by Shore!

BestFriends is an app that let’s you connect through Facebook to turn your newsfeed into a fun question and answer quiz! Answer questions about your best buddies’ updates to see who you know best, and who you don’t. Here is the apps full description:

Turn your Facebook newsfeed into a quiz.BestFriends image 2
Play to discover which friends know you best.

“Who posted this photo?”, “Who liked this page?”, “Who said this?”… Get points by picking the right friend among the possible answers; and you also give these points to your friend. But if you answer wrongly, you lose points, and make your friend lose points too.

You give more points to Alice? Well, she is the friend you know the best in Facebook. But wait…since other friends play and have you in their quizzes, they give you points too. Now, who gives you more points in BestFriends? Who knows you best on Facebook? Even if you do not play, this has already started, you may already have BestFriends points and best friends waiting for you.

Start now to know and try to influence.

BestFriends requires to log in with your Facebook account.

To set up BestFriends simply log into with your Facebook account information. The app will connect to your profile and newsfeed to create a custom quiz about your friends and what they have posted. Answer each question to receive points for correct questions and minuses for incorrect ones. The points gained and lost not only go to you, but also the friend you answered the question about. Need a little help? You can also earn coins with each correct answer that can be used to buy extra time to answer or narrow down the multiple choice selections.

The app has a very nice design, loading your profile and cover photos with points and coins accumulated on the main screen. Sections include friendship manager, leaderboard and settings, which will enable you to log out. I enjoyed playing the game, getting more than quite a few wrong, but surprised to see how much I remembered. I was a bit disappointed when I wasn’t able to complete another quiz. The app just kept giving me a loading sign, which unfortunately never delivered. Once bugs like this are squashed and more people are on the service I could see this being a very fun way to interact, especially since Facebook quizzes are so popular.

BestFriends is definitely a fun app that anyone can enjoy. Invite all your friends and see who you know best. BestFriends is available for free in the App Store and compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.



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