Bling It On! Lite iPhone Review

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Matching games are definitely nothing new, but there are always those that try to reinvent the wheel. Adding more fun to the basic match three is always a bit of a challenge but one I welcome as an avid Bejeweled fan, especially the Blitz addition which added more complexity than the old beat the clock format. Looking to match that excitement, Bling It On! Lite is an app sliding into the challenge head on.

Bling It On! Lite – the fun and uniquely addictive sliding match game by Daniel Hodge puts you in control of the game board as you slide glittery jewels to match their counterparts and swipe to victory. Here is the app’s full description:

BLING IT ON! …the new uniquely addictive puzzle game with attitude! Plenty of Bling, Shine, Glitter and Beats! Easy to learn …tough to master. Give your fingers, brain and talent a real workout sliding, swiping and matching gems to beat the current level times! Watch out! …there are challenging surprises on the way …don’t worry though you can cope with style! …BLING IT ON!

Simply drag and slide the gems up and down and once three match in the middle then swipe them away! Be careful to match correctly as an unsuccessful swipe will cause trouble! Get Bling it On Lite! image 2curious and swipe the Question Marks – see what they do!?! Watch out for bombs …bombs are bad! Swipe three crowns and you experience Crazy Crown Mode!

BLING IT ON! Features:
● Uniquely addictive gameplay
● Stunning glittery graphics
● Real work out for your fingers, brain and talent!
● Crazy Crown Mode!
● Easy to learn …tough to master
● Challenging surprises thrown in!
● 30 levels of increasing difficulty – beat your previous times!
● Three Blinging Music tracks to select from
● Only 4 in-app purchases to own the full game
● Advert Free!

…thank you for reading and please enjoy BLING IT ON!

Suitable for Touchscreen devices with a resolution of at least 320 pixels wide by 480 pixels high.

BLING IT ON! LITE is the free version (with in-app purchases) of the full game BLING IT ON!

The opening screen of the app greets you with the familiar jeweled game board with various options that can be set. Settings include turning on or off sound effects and/or music. One unique option is the ability to choose from three background music selections to listen to while playing. All three choices are very upbeat and fit the action of the game. The soundtrack selection was very reminiscent of games like Dr. Mario from my childhood and was a pleasant surprise.

To continue hit Start. Begin with level one where the screen will show you the latest time accomplishment for that level and what jewels are included. A Help Guide button on this screen will take you to a quick tutorial menu explaining the game. Unlike most matching games where you match the items where they lay and fall, Bling It On! Lite shows you a highlighted area that you must drag the jewels to, then swipe to match. Quickly drag the sliders until the jewels match in the selected area and swipe, fill the health bar to advance to the next level. If you swipe when there is not a match the game board will shake up the jewels and change their position.

The game is fun and it is challenging to get a quick time when you are adjusting sliders before you can complete your match. What is kind of puzzling is there is no real score, just time that is kept for the level, which you can keep trying to beat. It doesn’t seem to matter what jewels you match, it can be the same ones every time if you want, the goal is just to be fast. It also doesn’t matter how many matches you make as the health bar seems to be filled after ten.

This is a free version of the full Bling It On!, so there is a limit of six levels with in-app purchases required to unlock the next seven. The later levels include the advertised Crazy Crown levels and bomb attacks, so I wasn’t able to experience them. The app is ad free, however, and is a good introduction to the full game, which has 30 levels and only costs $1.99.

Bling It On! Lite is available now for free in the App Store, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.



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