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If you like game apps well then the App Store has plenty, original ideas and knock offs galore. What you are sure to find is every take on the puzzle element you can think of. This one is taken a page from a classic to create something new. Block2Block by Philip Antonov, is going to give you more blocks than you can handle.

Here is the app’s full description:

Block2Block is a game that would changes your mind.Block2Block image 2
Make lines,
Perform combos,
Get points,
Archive ranks.
You will definitely love this game.

When starting the app, Block2Block gets right into it. There is no instruction. Just a blank board that resembles graph paper and three Tetris like shapes below it. Soon you realize that you can drag those shapes to the pixel board and place wherever it may fit. As you drag and place shapes, points are awarded based on the number of squares the shape is made of. Completing lines will also gain points, whether they are done horizontally or vertically.

Like Tetris, you want to complete lines and make more space on the board. The more space, the more shapes you can place and more points you can gain. Unlike Tetris, you can’t rotate the shape in anyway. It has to be placed in the position it is, which can make things very difficult. Added on top of that difficulty, the extra pixel squares left behind stay stationary when a line disappears, causing the space that is left to fill not always ideal with the shapes you are dealt to play. Fortunately there is no time limit, so you can mull over where everything needs to go. No matter how carefully you choose your moves though, it never works out for long.

Block2Block is a very innovative reworking of the Tetris idea. The design is vibrant, simple and easy to learn, which is good since there is no tutorial for explanation. But with practice there is a smart game that will keep you on your toes for hours, just like Tetris itself. Block2Block is available for free in the App Store and compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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