Bob and Bobek: Ice Hockey iPhone Review

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Ice hockey games, fun in theory, difficult on execution. The ability to create fluid play with accuracy is not the easiest thing to achieve. I played many hockey video games in my youth that were pretty much frustrating as heck. Now with iOS, I would hope history doesn’t repeat itself. Bob and Bobek: Ice Hockey by VUISS TECHNOLOGIES s.r.o. might just change my mind.

Bob and Bobek: Ice Hockey wants you to be the Ice Hockey World Champion of 2015! Let Bob and Bobek train you to be the best hockey player you can be. Here is the app’s full description:

Become a new ice-hockey player, play together with Bob and Bobek, still popular Czech cartoon characters. They will lead you as Bob and Bobek Ice Hockey image 2mascots through The Ice Hockey World Championship of 2015.

It is an atractive multiplayer arcade game on iPhone and iPad. Shoot goals! Pass through an intensive training, move zigzag, take a puck, combine your play and shoot accurately!

Become a national hero of your country after you will win The Ice Hockey World Championship of 2015.

• The game has characters Bob and Bobek from famous author Mr. Vladimir Jiranek.
• The game with the official mascots of The Ice Hockey World Championship of 2015.
• Multiplayer with any person gaming on the internet.
• Easy and intuitive game control.
• Entertaiment, action, fouls, shots to a cage and goals …
• Optionally selected teams from 16 countries of WCh2015.
• Every team has their own specific attributes to improve.
• Training levels.
• Tournament mode, play-off for a gold medal with Bob and Bobek.
• Ambient sound from a real stadium.

To begin Bob and Bobek, you must go to the Training. Here there are 21 stages to be completed, each one unlocks as you play the next. Starting with the basics, you learn to take a goal from different distances, not moving the player until stage 5. The game play involves using only two buttons, a directional pad to aim/maneuver and a button on the lower right pressed to speed up and shoot the puck. Taking goals is pretty easy at first, but adding the movement is a different story. The game definitely eases you in though, not introducing a goalie until stage 8, then adding a defender with goalie until stage 11.

As you progress through the game, you earn carrots for completing tasks in each level. The carrots can be redeemed for unlocking the tournaments and multiplayer features as well as buying a Czech jersey to outfit your player, since Bob and Bobek are popular Czech cartoon characters, this is their default team. These items and other team players are available as well with an in-app purchase. If you find you just aren’t earning enough carrots quick enough, the app does offer 10 free carrots with every ad click. It costs 30 carrots to unlock the tournament/multiplayer features, so this is a pretty great deal. I for one do not mind watching a few ads to earn extra content. The ads are quick and not at all intrusive.

Once everything is unlocked, it’s time to really play. Choose your playoff and go. It’s you and a goalie against the same of an opposite team. Gliding the player around the ice is actually very fluid with the built in joystick. The player is very responsive and quick. The simplicity of using one button is also a good choice here, keeping the button mashing to a minimum. There aren’t too many defensive moves, but you can trip the opponent. Beware though, taking too long for a shot will get you the same demise. Scoring the goals is not easy, but that makes the satisfaction when you make one that much better.

Bob and Bobek: Ice Hockey is a universal app that is fun and entertaining for all ages. The app is available now for Free on the App Store and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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