Bomax The Cranky Alarm iPhone Review

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To be honest, you won’t find many full reviews of alarm clock apps for iPhone reviewed here at The Smartphone App Review, but with Bomax we have something that is original and more like a video game than a simple alarm clock app, so we felt it was worth our time to take a look.

At first glance this seems like a standard alarm clock app. Nicely designed, with all the features you could require, but it is not until you actually use the thing to wake you up in the morning that you find out what is really going on here, because if you use this as your alarm, then you are going to get a visit from Bomax.

The alarm goes off. You reach over and try to find the ‘off’ button on-screen. There is some craziness going on on the iPhone screen that your early morning brain can’t compute, so you decide to just turn the volume down. However, after you turn it down it just comes right back up. Bomax has control of your iPhone and he is not going to give it back until you pass one of his tests.

These come in the form of one of several very simple mini games that you must complete before that damned noise will stop. They are simple, but trust me when I say that they don’t appear that way first thing in the morning with a sleepy brain holding you back. It is a real task to get the bloody noise to stop, I can tell you.

The one thing to remember about all of this though, is that it really does wake you up properly. That is, if you haven’t thrown your iPhone against a wall after Bomax gets his grip.

There are many features here, so here they are in the words of the developers:

** Mini-games **
Exciting Bomax centered mini-games guaranteed to wake you up. The only way to disable the alarm in game mode is to defeat Bomax. Select one of these mini-games or set to random:
-3 Mug Monty
-Dunk the Clock
-More game bundles coming soon!

** Alarm Functionality **
-Patented voice scheduling functionality: record and schedule unlimited personal wake-up calls or reminders
-Multiple alarms supported: set up different alarms for different days
-Supports background and foreground alarms: app doesn’t have to be running
-5 custom alarm sounds
-5 custom ringtones
-5 custom voices paired with alarm sounds
-Multiple mini-games for desired or random selection
-Standard alarm mode with Snooze for sleep-in days

** Clocks **
-4 attractive clock styles: Analog, Flip, Digital, and Cartoon Flip
-Absolutely the most elegant clock styles in the App Store

So, what you have here is a comprehensive alarm clock with added scheduling for reminders and also that extra Bomax factor. It is all good, although I would have liked a few more alarm sound options and clock styles included, although what is here is pretty nice. It is important to note that you don’t have to use Bomax, but the app does lose a lot of its appeal without him.

Overall, this is a clever idea that is well implemented.

Bomax - The Cranky Alarm - Interactive Time, LLC


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