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Hashtags are in many ways, the symbol of the social media revolution. Explaining to someone who has never used Twitter or Facebook what a hashtag is, can be an impossible task, but sign them up to a social network and they will soon get the concept lodged in their brains.

Twitter is obviously the source of millions of hashtags, but the social network uses them as a complement to its other features, all of which are focused on following people, not tags. BroadTags, a brand new social network, does things differently, allowing you to actually follow hashtags instead of people.

This may sound odd, but it actually helps to keep the conversation fresh and unique, focussing the discourse in the right direction. It is something that is both unique and interesting, and is the number one reason you should download BroadTags right now.

The focus may be on hashtags, but the app also has many aspects similar to the mainstream social networks, such as private messages, comments, etc and it actually does these things pretty well. The interface is solid, with an attractive theme running throughout, and you will never get lost while trying to do something with the app.broadtags

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

– Easy Centralized Posting: Share text, videos, and photos in a snap!
– Custom Searches: Search for hashtags to follow or featured hashtag for a quick update on what’s going on!
– One-In-One Messaging: Message others privately and let the conversation flow!
– Custom Photo Filters: Design and share personalized filters for your photos!
– Custom Privacy Options: Share a little, a lot, or somewhere in-between. You determine the level of exposure you want!
– Instant Notifications: Quickly learn when someone comments on or likes something you post!
– Social Media Sharing: Want to share a great post? Easily share with others on Twitter and Facebook!

Really, BroadTags is all about hashtags, and I like the idea of putting them front and centre. Conversations tend to be snappy, yet with plenty of depth, and you can also choose to chat to someone you find on BroadTags privately, should you wish to talk about something else.

One thing I did discover during my time with the app was that it is very easy to find like-minded people within the network, possibly more so than with the mainstream sites. I think that is because you are following topics and not people, so everyone you will encounter will have an opinion on a particular subject, good or bad.

It makes it feel a little like your own social/news network, created just for you, and that is a great thing for BroadTags to be. Overall, I came away from this unique social network surprised and impressed, and I hope it becomes as popular as it deserves.


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