Budget Balance iPhone Review

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Budget Balance - Umbrella CorporationWell, I certainly never thought that I would ever be reviewing an app by the Umbrella Corporation, but here I am. No, it isn’t an app to help with the control of a zombie outbreak, or one that helps with the dosage of  T-Virus, or even a tool to calculate just how far Resident Evil 6 is from being a survival horror.

No, the mighty Umbrella Corporation brings us a..budget balancing app. Well, this isn’t the real Umbrella Corporation, or is it?

So, joking out of the way and onto the actual app, which turns out to be an extremely comprehensive app that actually feels a lot like a desktop program for your PC.

Here, in the words of the developer are all of the apps best features:

Managing Transactions:
– Simple clicks for entering transactions.
– Choose category, Cost and sub-category (that’s all)
– Allow creating unlimited customized sub-categories.
– Locate transactions on a map (which helps determine all transactions locations).
– View transactions by day/week/month/year.
– View transactions by location.
– Animated Pie chart for transactions categories

Managing Recurring Transactions:
– Simple clicks for entering recurring transactions.
– Choose recurring type by Daily/weekly/bi-weekly/monthly/yearly

– 3 reporting types Income/Expenses/Income vs Expense reports
– 3 reporting charts types Trend/Pie/Bar
– Choose your reports for different periods weekly/monthly/yearly/all
– Generate PDF for reporting types within any mentioned period

General Features:
– Easily track expenses/incomes/salary and balance.
– High-resolution graphics; iOS 5 and Retina display support.
– Extremely lightweight and provides great performance, even on older devices.
– Suitable for use in any country supporting all worldwide currencies
– Backup and restore with simple clicks.
– Full application help.

As you can see, there is a lot to this app, as it offers a very wide range of functions for tracking and managing a budget. I think that one of the most impressive aspects is the easy way that you can enter and use recurring transactions. This is something that a lot of apps somehow manage to over-complicate, but here you only need a few clicks.

The app looks really nice and you can see a lot of love went into making it as attractive as possible. Retina displays are supported, which does help to make things look as clear as possible. A small criticism is that on non-Retina devices, some of the text can be quite hard to read as it is very small in some screens and reports.

Even with the impressive looks and animated pie charts, that app never seems to get bogged down at all, and always runs at a good speed.

The ability to create a PDF from your data is very handy, as is the way you can backup and restore from the app.

Overall, this is an extremely good looking app that proves to be very useful with a wealth of information and options.

Budget Balance - Umbrella Corporation


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