Budget Sense Free iPhone Review

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itunes iconI don’t have to tell you that there are a lot of finance apps on the App Store. In fact, on my own phone I have a finance folder with three pages of apps that are just used for my bank accounts and bill pay items. Though that sounds like quite a bit, I have whittled it down in the last few years. It all comes down to management and Budget Sense Free wants to be your new financial manager.

Budget Sense Free by NYQuist INDustries, Inc. is a spending tracking app with financial analysis built-in. Here is the apps full description:

What’s harder than making money? Managing it! With Budget Sense, you get a personal financial adviser who’ll watch your back – for free!Budget Sense Free image 2

Budget Sense is designed to be the easiest and most beautiful way to manage your money. Its straightforward user interface and simple controls let you immediately take charge of your finances to save both money and time.

••• How does Budget Sense work? •••
Featuring striking visual representations of your income and spending, Budget Sense organizes your financial details by focusing on the three main things you do with your money:

•Spend (Spending Money)
•Take In (Taking in Money)
•View (Viewing your Money)

All you have to do is punch in the relevant numbers in the relevant areas, and the next thing you know, you’ll get a comprehensive picture of your present situation and its corresponding needs.

With Budget Sense, you’ll have an in-house expert well-versed in the arcane world of finance who will lead you by the hand in how to manage your money efficiently. Our budget summary mode, for example, gives you a unique gas-tank view that will quickly show exactly how much you can spend today, this week, and this month. This will take into account your income, bills, and how much you want to save so that you know you’re in the clear.

While the free version contains all of the necessary basic features, the full version contains additional exciting features such as:

• iCloud Back-up and Syncing
• Automatic Receipt Scanning
• Intuitive Tip Calculator

Managing your money will never be easier and more fun! Maybe you can buy that mountain bike you’ve always wanted – or take that vacation you’ve always dreamed of, but never went ahead with because you didn’t know if you had the cash. With Budget Sense, all the personal financial details you’ll ever need are only a tap away! Get it – and get going!

Budget Sense Free is designed with the visual learner in mind. Divided simply into three sections, Spend, Take In and View, Budget Sense Free cuts to the bare bones of finance. The Spend section walks you through entering everyday expenditures as well as monthly bills. Every transaction is logged with a date, amount, store, payment method and category. This app can easily be used to replace the physical checkbook register. Enter your expenditures as they happen and always have your checkbook balanced. Custom categories can be added so you can keep track of everything exactly as you want.

The beauty of Budget Sense Free is the View area. Here you can see everything you have logged in several different formats, giving you graphs and other visual representations of where your money is going and what you can cut back on. As easy as all of this sounds, the app provides you with a step-by-step tutorial to make sure you understand all of the features available. The app is ad-supported but they aren’t a nuisance. For a mere $1.99 you can upgrade to the full version and remove ads as well as gain features like a tip calculator and receipt scanning.

Budget Sense Free is very easy to navigate and has a nice clean interface. It would be a great app for any beginner wanting to track their finances. If I have any criticisms it would be there were a few misspellings through the app but nothing that can’t be easily improved. Budget Sense Free is available now in the App Store and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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