CamFind iPhone Review

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CamFind - Point, Shoot and Discover - Image SearcherAn app that lets you search for anything and everything with your iPhone camera.

When downloading this app I didn’t really know what to expect from it. Could it really give me trailers from a film poster? Tell me when and where I can watch it? Well the answer is yes, it can. All you have to do it open the app, which will bring up a camera and point it at a film poster at your local bus stop. It will then give you a trailer of the film, when it’s out and where you can watch it. Amazing.

It will also work with DVD’s, CD’s, even if you go shopping and see a watch you really like, you can point the app at it and it will give you Websites where you can maybe find it cheaper. This app even works with landmarks so you can maybe use it on Big Ben and it will give you all the relevant information about it. CamFind also uses QR codes so if you see them while you’re about or in a magazine you are reading these will also work.

Here are the app’s main features:

* Internet Search Resultsmzl.uelmalzw.320x480-75
* Related/Similar Images
* Price Comparisons and Online Shopping
* Related Places and Address Finder
* Film Poster/DVD Recognition
* Social Sharing
* Language Translator
* QR and Barcode Reader
* Text Search
* Voice Search
* Voiceover of Identified Objects
* Automatic Flash
* Automatic Focus
* Ability to Save Images to the Camera Roll/Upload Images from Camera Roll

On the main screen on the left there is a history button which can show you all your previous searches, the shutter button to take photos and there’s also a menu button which generates a small list of options that can allow you to turn off the app’s built-in speech, feedback, change the language for translation purposes, start a voice search and bring up the about screen. How it works, is that you take the photo and then it uploads the image and starts to identify it.

Within a matter of seconds information is given about the image. After this has happened there are a number of things you can do. Rename your search, delete it, share your results or ask the app to tell you the information again. If you tap the image itself it will give you a nearer view, bring up price comparisons, businesses near your location and an image gallery of related photos.

I think this app will be essential for any shoppers, film buffs or travellers, as it will provide all the information needed, it is like a better version of Google Goggles.

CamFind - Point, Shoot and Discover - Image Searcher


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