Captum – AR Photo to Video App iPhone Review

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As augmented reality becomes more and more popular, there are more uses for it other than just video games. Here to expand the world of marketing by adding AR to photos and videos is the Captum app. Here is some of the app’s description from the App Store:

Enhance your ads with augmented reality! Captum is the first of its kind marketing platform, providing easy, affordable AR that can add a new level of engagement to your campaigns.

Captum Features:
Augmented Reality

– Turn any static image into an augmented reality ad
– Convert jpg, mpg, or online videos into AR animations
– Create and view AR content by scanning the image with your phone
– Turn any photo into a live AR video

AR Made Easy

– Create and view augmented reality animations right from your phone
– Quickly and easily create AR animations
– Affordably incorporate AR into your marketing efforts
– Point, shoot, publish and print

Captum – AR Photo to Video is an augmented reality marketing app aimed to allow users to add interesting AR elements to their marketing to be discovered and interacted with via prospective customers’ smartphones. Upon launching the app, there is a short tutorial that explains how the app works. Users can explore objects for AR elements with the Captum scanner, as well as connect with users that may have uploaded those elements. They can then create their own by starting an account and profile and uploading a video or photo onto specific objects with links and contact information of what they would like to promote. For a business, these objects can be their own marketing material like flyers or business cards. To indicate that the content has Captum AR content, just include the app’s logo so users know they can scan it with the app.

I set up my free profile complete with contact information to get started. I found the app to be easy to use and once I uploaded a video it was amazing to see it come to life with the contact info when scanning with Captum. To know that others might come across my content when they scanned the area was really phenomenal. Though one upload was what I was limited to with my free profile.

Users must have a subscription to use the Captum but first-timers are allowed a one-day trial experience that includes one experience upload. Subscription prices start at $20 per month which translates into one active experience plus 1000 views. $45 dollars will increase the access to three active experience with the 1000 views, $60 adds two more experiences with a total of five per month and lastly, $100 includes ten active experiences for the month plus 1000 views. Any users that download it to scan, do not have to sign-up or pay a subscription price.

I love what Captum is trying to do with this app. Even outside of just a marketing service, I could see this as even a social media type service where people could share AR stories even, or work as QR codes have. Some drawbacks to the marketing are that people do have to download the app to see the experience with the scanner, and even sharing the links from the experiences just seems to share a message to download the app and not the marketing experience itself. For my business marketing, I would want my links to be shareable to social media. Though this seems to be fairly new and hopefully this is something that will change.

For those interested in diving into augmented reality and adding it into the marketing of their business, Captum is ready to help you out. The app is available now in the App Store. It can also be found in the Google Play store for Android.


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  1. Thanks Brihanna for the great review. We do have the ability to share while scanning/viewing content. The download icon allows for multiple options to share. Great comment as we strive to improve the overall Captum experience.

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